do you do meal prep ahead?

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do you do meal prep ahead?
Thu, 01-22-2009 - 12:58pm

Do you do anything in advance to make cooking easier?

This could be anything, such as:

planning a week's menu (or however long it is between store trips) and having a general idea of what meals you will make

keeping enough in the pantry and freezer that you know you can walk into the kitchen and make a good meal, even if you haven't planned a menu

Washing the hardy fruits and vegetables so they're ready to use- anything besides berries and such that would be harmed


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Thu, 01-22-2009 - 5:55pm

My food and meal preparations always start the day before our market day..the first this i our shpping list is made up..

checking of our food pantry..which is walk in..we have to, as we live quite a distance from our nearest shopping centre..and can't always get across the tide crossing,which comes rapidly when the hig tides come...we call it the causeway..

we check to see what fresh produce we will need for the coming month which is how we shop mainly..we have a cool room where we store,on most properties in our north where we are with so muc heat one needs this..we also have freezers and fridges too..

my husband takes one list i take the fresh list as he knows the supermarket items we usually get and all our gf/wf products..

we also have our special bags we take with us for carring..we don't have plastic bags at the markets now,plus we also take 5 or 7 cooler bags..for the fridge items...

we also take 4 eskys in our pickup...

once home the vegies and fruit are all washed...we never put anything away without doing that...

as gavin unpacks he has his rag and wipes the tops of all tins....there are so much bacteria on these you would be amazed how many deadly germs are there...

our milks are all marked and put in cooler..

i then chop and devide in freezer packs of portions for meals...

meats chicken and fish are put in their right piles..

all our soups and stew vegies are devided,

a;ll our breads after baking is packed .and put in freezer...i know it takes a bit of time,but once you start doing this on a regular basis,its so easy getting meals up and running in minutes i can tell you...

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