What bread mix do you like

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What bread mix do you like
Tue, 01-27-2009 - 5:56pm

What commerical bread mix do you like the best..

i usually make up my own,but as a quick bake i find i like the ORGRAN BREAD MIX.

I buy mine from Coles or woolworths supermarket,but some health food stores carry it..They say Pamela's is good too but so far have not tried..

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Fri, 01-30-2009 - 7:56am

Hi, Lynne.

I have used Pamelas Bread Mix. I usually make the rolls. I use muffin tray to make them.

I usually shop at Wegmans or Shoprite for GF items. There is a trader Joe's that is an hour away from me. There is also Whole Foods that we can get GF items as well!

Hope you are doing well?

Talk to you soon!

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Sat, 02-07-2009 - 4:44pm
I haven't been that lucky to find a bread mix I can eat yet, but I LOVE Orgran pasta so I'm going to google their site and see what I come up with :)
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Sat, 02-07-2009 - 6:18pm

Hello ,i think if you have been able to get the pasta well same place should stock the range..there is a good range of orgran products ..i use quite a bit of organ items..

my daughter always has a stock..and the bread mixes are able to be done in the bread makers..i do mine in the machine..my family have different likes and dislikes...so i keep a few different things on hand..to cater for my members...

there is always some one popping in for coffee.supper,

or sunday ;) lunches,or dinners:)

their pasta sauces can be used for lots of things,also i put in stir frys,pasta,on meats etc...but i am always experiments,

i am always emailing them for some thing and get good service from them..i also make my own bread .i have posted flour mixes that i use for things ..cheers Lynne