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Note: I use my own flour
mix, you should be able to use a
commercial mix if you have one you are comfortable with. Take care if it has soy flour though, as soy
tends to make biscuits chewy rather than crispy.
The mix I make is ratio of 2 cups besan, 2 cups rice and 1 cup

150g butter or Nuttelex margarine
90g sugar
1 egg (beaten)
1/2 teasp vanilla essence

325g Corn/Besan/Rice flour mix
2g Xanthan gum (1/2 teasp)
2g Wards Baking Powder (1/2 teasp)
40g Tapioca flour

Sift dry ingredients together and mix well.

Cream butter and sugar together,
Add egg and vanilla and beat again.
Add dry ingredients and beat into mixture.

Press mixture quite thinly into a couple of flat baking trays and bake
190C for a few minutes until it turns golden brown. You might need to turn the tray around half
way through baking so that the ends don’t burn.

I usually line the trays with silicon paper (Glad Bake) and make up a
couple of trays at a time and then just break up the slabs of biscuit into big
pieces and keep them in a sealed container ready for next time. Good for things like hedgehog which requires chunks
of biscuits or for bases for cheesecakes and flans etc.