Do you know what a Sumeet is

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Do you know what a Sumeet is
Tue, 02-17-2009 - 7:19pm

Morning everyone,well i have found the perfect kitchen helper for us ..they are wondrful and after using one you won't want to be without it ..So handy and here it is...

story first as to how i came by it...

i had to do follow up doctors visit,last week as they think i may have a other words a deep vein thrombosis in my left ankle..

so have to keep off foot even more ...but ok

now i have a new lady dr ,and she is a lovely indian dr...and boy is she full of surprises..and this is just one idea she has given me..when she found out i was celiac and was also making out diets and menues for clients we got chatting about food and preparation...and what i do and who i get to do diets for..So now i have another person sending me people..

she asked me did i use a "sumeet" at all,wel i just looked blank at her and was stumped, so duh, i had to say ..dr what is it first,,she said wait a minute i will show you,she popped out of her office and went out back, and came in with this thing in her hand that looked like a sugar pourer...

she said every indian household has one..its the first item that goes in their glory box...

its a grinder,like a coffee grinder.they use them to grind,herbs and spices,corn,rice,nuts etc etc wet stuff and know how indian food is so tasty ,some times hot too well this thing grinds everything,you only do small amounts but oh boy so strong,and hard waring,

i have now started making my own flours,i have done corn rice,almond,flour,it even does coconut to ..

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Wed, 02-18-2009 - 12:39pm
Wow-now that is really interesting.


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Sat, 02-21-2009 - 1:33am