Curiousity relating to the flushot topic

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Curiousity relating to the flushot topic
Thu, 03-19-2009 - 9:22pm

My DD went on the gluten-free diet in October 2007. She got sick with a cold a couple weeks into being gluten-free, but then was HEALTHY all winter long. She only got a minor cold in the spring of 2008. She has been in public school this year (Kindergarten) and has only been sick with minor colds this fall/winter. I think only one of them have been really bad and her asthma hasn't done a ton of flaring-up. Granted, she did have a flare-up around Christmas time that led to needing oral steroids and then resulted in needing a reflux medicine to counteract the disruption to her stomach that the oral steroid caused. But, she's been pretty good since being off of the reflux meds.

Anyway, she's been really pretty healthy in comparison to her classmates and teachers. I've also been volunteering in the library throughout the year and the librarian and the library assistant have both been hacking, coughing, suffering from bronchitis, sinusitis, and other germs. I've been handling all the same books as they have. So, I'm wondering if being gluten-free (or mostly gluten-free as I have been up until a couple days ago) and eating pretty healthy has helped to boost our immune systems? (My DH has also been really healthy and he works in a place that he is around large numbers of the public.) I'm just wondering if you all notice that you stay healthier being gluten-free and eating lots more fresh, unprocessed foods?



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Fri, 03-20-2009 - 11:15am
Great question! I know my family has removed nearly all processed foods from our diet and several other things and we've spent most of this winter healthier. I'm very curious to see what others say.


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Fri, 03-20-2009 - 4:12pm

I do think that eating healthy, unprocessed foods does help us fight off infections, but I believe it's probably more of a combination of things. It seems like lots of us who are diagnosed with an illness try harder to avoid those infections that are going around and maybe we are just at a heightened state of awareness so that we do take extra precautions when we are around people who are sick. For ex, since I'm an asthmatic with food allergies and gluten intolerance, I'm very careful about what I eat, don't go to restaurants, etc. I know if I do catch just a regular cold that I may end up in the hospital for a few days on IV solumedrol to help me breathe. I know that I can end up the same way during pollen season if I don't take antihistamines and stay indoors a lot. Since I'm at a heightened state of awareness with my health concerns, it prompted me to research more about vitamins/herbs so now I take supplements too. I've had health issues all my life, so for me it's not a new thing and it's no big deal if they tell me I have to give up another thing and add it to the list of no-nos. I might whine a little bit, but I get over it pretty fast

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Sat, 03-21-2009 - 6:17am

I totally agree, about eating healthy...i find if i am very strict with myself and eat what i need too,and stop all processed food,eat fresh and make fresh i am much healthier..and it helps you fight off lots of things...

i also try to look after myself even more so when the virsus are on the increase and eating right is only one peice of the must try and combine all aspects if we are to stay healthy....

because we have been diagnosed with certain things i am positive we do take those extra precautions necessary not to come down with things...

i have been doing a fair bit of study about this flushot business and whether to or not...

i think we have to weigh up all the pros and cons and get as much info and data as we can on these things so we can make right decision...

on the flushots i have found from my observation on this in the last few days

that more people are opting to have the shots..more have stated that even if you do get flu symptoms after its not as bad as if you had not had them.

also that more older people are having them..

and have them well in advance of flu season,

are more aware of being cautious

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Mon, 03-23-2009 - 5:45pm

Well, we certainly get sick less often than we did before- in part because our immune systems aren't constantly shadow-boxing gluten and not realizing they're stomping our intestines in the process!

But if you get fresh or flash-frozen or canned produce, the last altered as little as possible, you're getting more vitamins than any processed food is going to have unless they grind up a multivitamin on it at the end, and multivitamins aren't as good as ones from food anyway

(not that anyone who's basically trying to figure out how to get enough calories into themselves shouldn't take one- remember, you need to concentrate on eating enough first and as you get used to the diet and find more food your gut heals and will be absorbing more nutrients- so take a GF vitamin to absorb what you can at first and see how your diet comes out later)

The type of canned veggies that are as natural as possible have more good stuff than a lot of fresh food, remember.

A lot of the companies that sell here in the US are also organic, so that might make a difference as well.

You can eat a GF diet that's very unhealthy, just like a vegetarian can replace meat with processed carbohydrates like pasta and bread (not whole-grain- too bad it's hard to get whole-grain GF stuff- a major-university health book in a quiz answer said that brown rice had so little fiber it wasn't worth it!) and potato chips. Maybe there are those who don't care what they eat as long as it doesn't send them running to the bathroom! But even their immune systems get a bit of a break, if not much support!

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