Get the most from your store

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Get the most from your store
Thu, 04-16-2009 - 5:27pm

On my last trip to Wichita, KS- and to be clear, it's the largest city in the state and in fact a city by any area's standard, even if it is used as the "recognizable name for a Midwest town but used to indicate hicksville" in TV... One cops show had a guy complaining that it only had one Starbucks. My other aunt (not the one who lives with us) who lived a half hour a way, with Grandma in town, knew of at least 6 off hand... 2 major universities as well... a large


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Thu, 04-16-2009 - 8:56pm

Talking about getting the most from your store...

I got sick of... when i went looking for gf/wf stuff in the early stages and constantly found very little available,

i thought this is not good enough,and why was there not the food to cater for our hard was it to make things gluten ..surely they make gluten free things...

i got so frustrated at asking and sales people looking blank stares at you and asking what is gluten free or what is gluten...or never heard of gluten...

So i got writing letters to different firms.asking our basic you make gluten free foods...well we all know the answer to that...i did letter after letter,i guess i must have wriiten thousands of letters.then when i got a computer i just kept bombarding firms with requests after request..

and everytime i went shopping i;d ask constantly about gf/wf products..i know the sales girkls got so sick of me..i did the health food stores over and over.Then it got to the stage they all knew me and if they saw me coming at times i got before i'd ask if any gluten free stuff yet,they'd smile sweetly and say,nothings come yet....

Now if i go anywhere really new ,i go fully equip with

lists and products and names of firms where they can order

and contact info....ask them to order this or that and explain the whole ins and outs...

i leave my number etc etc ...i also tell them its not a yuppy diet or a fad diet but a proper medical diet and they would do great if the did do the whole gf/wf thing,so far there are now 5 shops in my area stocking gf/wf products,i have left info a my local bakery,and in the last month or so i see over Easter that they were advertising gf/wf hot cross buns,

i think if the more people ask for these things thats why they will eventually start getting our products...

but yes we should start trying to get the most out of our shops for our health sake...

cheers Lynne