Traveling Overseas for 2 months..

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Traveling Overseas for 2 months..
Sun, 06-06-2010 - 9:52am

We are traveling overseas to stay at my MIL's for 2 months. I have 2 children aged 9 and 12 with celiac, and was wondering if anyone had advice on managing this....

I am feeling as if I am giving up my kitchen control, and comforts...and that has me quite anxious, it doesn't help that it is my MIL, and not my Mom. I have no issues with her, but I just don't have the same level of comfort I would have if I was dealing with my family.


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Mon, 06-07-2010 - 5:43pm

Where abouts overseas are you going to...what i would do is make out two or three lists of things with certain recipes attached,send or give to the people you are visiting,also keep one handy for your own use as well,get them used to doing things for your food,lists ingredients that must be in certain products so they can see for themselves what you must have..being family i am sure they too would appreciate to be able to make you all happy as well..

if you are going to eat out as well i am sure they could look around so they know the right places to go and where you can buy the right things suitable to your diet..dont leave it till you get there as it could be a hassell in finding things..its much better if its sourced out early and know what you are will make your trip more enjoyable..have a great time and just remember to read all labels when buying and if going to non english speaking dont be afraid to ask anyone to help you read the labels so you dont get glutenized over there ..lots of luck cheers LYNNE