Finding gf/wf foods and produce

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Finding gf/wf foods and produce
Sat, 07-17-2010 - 7:17pm

I know when first diagnosed,one often thinks,golly where do i find all the gf/wf products i need to eat..

Its much easier these days compared to what it was a few years ago..lots of companies are now marking their goods gluten free,but we still must continue to read all the labels,,it may take more time shopping but it works much safer for us than being glutenized all the time and constantly getting sick..

if you cant find certain things in your shops then do a search online find the products then go search the shops..

always ask places do they stock this or that..ask if they dont can they get it and will they continue to stock..

for a time till you get use to being on diet you may need to make your own things such as breads cakes etc,

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