PG Question of the Week -- May 6th

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PG Question of the Week -- May 6th
Sun, 05-06-2007 - 9:21pm

For those who are currently pregnant, please answer this question regarding your current pregnancy.

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Mon, 05-07-2007 - 11:56am

My 16 year old daughter overheard me getting upset at her step-father the Saturday morning I did the test and guessed right away what had happened. She rolled her eyes and made comments about the irony of me getting pregnant when it was me who always lectured her and her older sister about safe sex.

We did not tell anyone else until I was 13 weeks. My six year old guessed when I said he had to be careful about jumping on mommy. He's been the most excited and asks the most questions. My nine-year old son just said "no offense but aren't you kind of old for this?" and he's pretty much shown no interest since then. My parents were excited but worried for my health. My in-laws were shocked and unhappy the first day, but are into it now. My oldest daughter is 20 and lives away at college. She's happy, but jealous that her 16 year old sister will be closer to their little sister than she will be.

Most of my friends and co-workers have been amused but supportive. I have not told my best friend yet. A first I was waiting for the first trimester to pass, but now that I am 20 weeks, its to a point where she's going to be annoyed at me for not telling her. I admit that I am really worried about her disapproval of something that I am very excited about. She and her other friends just live such a different life and are focused on such different things that I am afraid that I will seem like a freak. I already have more kids than anyone I know. I have to go to her daugher's graduation party next week, so I am going to have to spill the beans soon.


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Mon, 05-07-2007 - 1:49pm

I told my mom and dad pretty much the minute it happened. Well, after the doctor's confirmation, I mean. :-) We told our siblings at about 9 weeks. And we told our friends and cousins etc. at 16 weeks...just to be to be on the safe side. (As many of you already know, my pregnancy didn't last so a week later, I had to tell everyone that I had miscarried.) I will say that EVERYONE was so happy for me and DH. No one said a thing about my age (just turned 44 at the time) or tried to scare me with horror stories.

That baby was loved and wanted by all of us.

It was really fun telling people and sharing the good news with everyone and while my pregnancy didn't last very long, I loved being pregnant and can't wait till I get that morning sickness, clogged nose, achy back and kinda clumsy feeling again. :-) (If I got pregnant this year, I would tell my mom and dad again right away, along with our siblings. We would tell DH's parents a little later (they don't live in the area and I know they would worry exceedingly about another miscarriage), but I wouldn't tell friends until I popped that kid out! LOL!)


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Mon, 05-07-2007 - 5:21pm

How I found out: I didn't know i was pregnant until I was already 14 weeks this time around. We were driving back from some place late and thought we'd stop to get chinese for dinner. I went in to get the food and ran out cuz I had such a horrible urge to get sick. I new then but didn't believe it really and told DH they had nothing good left at the buffet.I also was BF my son and was told by my Dr that at my age and BF fulltime I wouldn't get prego until I stopped.

We knew we wanted to start right away to have another baby becuz of our ages but hadn't really settled on when we would and were just going w/ the flow of things you might say. Boy was the Dr. wrong cuz I can have this baby any day now!

I have to say that it was wonderful having no stress at all involved in trying to conceive this last baby. It really started a bad vibe between my DH and I when we weren't getting prego and especially after a m/c.the last time.

How I told him: I remember I was going to try and wait until a special holiday to tell my DH (last one was on his 40th b-day)but couldn't hold the news in any longer. After taking like 4 tests to see if I was for sure(cuz 1 wasn't enough) I told him.
I actually pretended my son had something to tell him and I translated his babbling as "I'm going to be a big brother" which went right over my DH's head. So I had to say "your going to be a daddy again".

All of my friends have adult children and are just having their 1st grandchildren so i am an oddball. I've gotten comments like... you have to be crazy and... better you than me. Both my sisters have 6 and 8 kids each so they could careless either way. My oldest son is 18 and away at college. He never seemed upset or embarassed that at my age I would be having babies. His father and step-mom just had their 1st together on 4/28.

After being a single mom and raising my son alone until meeting my DH 6 yrs ago (I want to stress the **DARLING**)I couldn't be happier and for once in my whole life what others have to say has little concern to me! It took too many years to find the right man and then to continue my family and feel whole.


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Mon, 05-07-2007 - 7:12pm

I'll answer my own question for my previous pregnancies over 40 (there have been 4 of them!).

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Mon, 05-07-2007 - 7:15pm

Carole (the one with the 'e'),

That is too bad that you're worried about your best friend's reaction.

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Mon, 05-07-2007 - 8:08pm

Carol(without the 'e'):

I love reading the responses to your question of the week!!

O.k> I'm not pregnant but when I first started reading this board someone had the cutest idea for "breaking the news", I think I'll use it someday: > ) It went something like this: She got her family and friends together and told them she wanted to take a group picture. Then she had them repeat after her, "", then she took a picture of their reaction. I just thought that sounded so fun!!

If I ever have the opportunity to tell family and friends I'm pregnant, I think my family will be over the top happy and supportive. My mom(76) will tell everyone so I'll have to be careful when I do tell. DH's family will be extemely surprised at first and then I think they will be happy for us. My friends, well, they will be SHOCKED!! None of them have children and I might get some "what are you crazy" and "better you than me" attitudes. I understand though, that's kind of how I felt until recently.

Hugs to all of you who are pregnant and best luck telling your loved ones, Julie

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Tue, 05-08-2007 - 7:21am

I was eight weeks pregnant when I found out. About two weeks later we told our kids.
My in-laws 50th wedding anniversary was approaching so we decided to wait until then and tell our relatives. I think I was 16 weeks along then. After the big party we also told everyone else.

Our kids reacted very differently. Our oldest DS reacted pretty negative. He said that he couldn´t believe we were still doing "it" and that it was crazy and with our age and already having grandkids and what will other people say and whatnot. Meanwhile he has started to come around slowly.

Our second DS said it was somehow crazy but that it is our live and as long as we´re happy about it everything´s okay, DS #3 was actually happy, is coming home to visit more often and looks forward to meeting his new brother and DD also readily accepted it and is looking forward to not being the youngest child anymore (after almost 20 years!).

My in-laws, my dad and the rest of our relatives reacted positively. They are happy for us but also worried abour my health (especially my dad).

Some other people can´t understand why we are looking forward to starting all over again but I don´t really care what they say.

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Tue, 05-08-2007 - 2:44pm

I am now about 12 weeks pregnant and we still have not told any of our family. My daughter is only 5 so I think I want to wait a little while or she will drive us crazy on when is the baby coming. She will be so excited. My step sons are 15 and 18 and I don't think they will be that pleased. They weren't overly thrilled when I had Jade, but they have come to love her.
I have a doctors appointment on Friday so I think if everything is okay then we will start telling everyone. I'm not sure how they will react but hopefully it wont be to negative.


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Wed, 05-09-2007 - 11:18pm


When I told my doctor that I missed my period his expression
was so dissappointing to me. Immediately he said well if you are
we have many discussion to be done and decisions to make. If i had
a major medical problem i could understand his concern. I mentioned
to another friend i am just a few days late , and her expression was
of total " are you crazy" expression.


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Thu, 05-10-2007 - 10:34am

When and how did you tell everyone that you are/were pregnant?
My friends knew quicly as I pooped quickly. As family lives about 1,500 miles away, we told them at 13 weeks as I had had previous m/c's.

What were the reactions of friends, family, co-workers (even yourself!)?
My son(who was 15 at the time) was in shock...he never noticed as he is so oblivious. Everyone else was thrilled!

Anybody give you a hard time for having a baby over 40?
I delivered her 2 weeks before my 43rd b-day(I had my other dd at 40 1/2!). I had a great pg and a very fast delivery. No porblems here!