Question of the Week -- May 13th

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Question of the Week -- May 13th
Sun, 05-13-2007 - 10:12pm

Happy Mother's Day to those who are moms, those who are going to be moms, and those who have moms.

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Mon, 05-14-2007 - 10:07am

Hi Carol,

DH and I spent the day with family. My father has not been well for the past few months, so we visited him at the hospital. He has the early stage of dementia as well as other ailments and the prognosis is not good for him. :-( Afterwards, we took my mother out to a nice restaurant for Mother's Day. We got my mom a couple new VCRs (and a bunch of brand new videotapes) as part of her gift! Why two VCRs, you ask? She's been keeping herself busy "editing" the old home videos of the grandchildren etc., and her old machines were clunkers. I also made her a photobook of a lot of the old family photos (with her parents, etc.--all the beautiful old black and white pictures--some were so small though, so I had them blown up. It turned out really nice). She loves that kind of stuff.

DH's mother lives in a different state and was on a trip (but I had made sure she got her card and gift before she left for her trip).

It was kind of a bittersweet day for me because my EDD was around then and I had been so excited about celebrating Mother's Day (for me) for the first time. But, that wasn't meant to be as you know. Anyhow, I still felt grateful to have both my parents still alive and to be able to spend time with them. All in all, it was a nice day.



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Mon, 05-14-2007 - 10:51am


We celebrated mothers day on Saturday with my mother so we wouldn't be running all over the place on Sunday.
On Sunday when I got up my dh and my dd made me breakfast and then we kind of just took it easy till around supper when they took me out to dinner along with my dh's sister and mom. It was really nice and relaxing.
My dh took care of my daughter all day so I basically had the day just to myself which was nice for a change and well needed.