what would you do?

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what would you do?
Fri, 06-29-2007 - 2:08pm

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Fri, 06-29-2007 - 3:00pm
My goodness your numbers look pretty darn impressive.
I have used progesterone on my last pregancy in 2005...I was 42 at the time.
I did it for 14 weeks...
I am now 44, and 18 weeks along...and surprise, surprise, no progesterone needed.
My understanding is that you can take B vitamins to boost your progesterone level...not real sure about it though.
I was waiting for you post, to see you HCG levels...looks like baby is doing good.
They do sell natural progesterone on health food stores...it is a cream that is supposed to be most effective...good luck, and Congrats!