New study: Amnio has no risk

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New study: Amnio has no risk
Wed, 07-25-2007 - 9:26pm

A study published last November says that there is nearly no risk to amnio.

"Spontaneous pregnancy loss rates were 1.0% among women who underwent amniocentesis and 0.94% among women who had no amniocentesis, the authors report, for a loss rate attributable to amniocentesis of 0.06%. This rate was not significantly different from zero."

And am I reading this right? This says that there were fewer losses in women over 35 who had amnio than those who didn't?

"Among women over 35 years old, the loss rate after amniocentesis (1.06%) was significantly lower than the loss rate for women who did not undergo amniocentesis (1.92%), the researchers note."

Here's the full article:

Now I'm leaning toward amnio since it appears to be safe and it answers the NTD questions whereas the CVS does not.


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Thu, 07-26-2007 - 4:51pm

Good luck!

I still wont be having any of those tests. I wont terminate even if it was bad news.. so there is no point risking it, I have read where researchers and lied about their numbers, just to make a study look good, or to boost sale... and lets face it.. im sure Amnio's cost a bundle. So if you feel comfortable having one, please keep us posted on how it went.

I still have this vision of aliens and abducties when I hear about needles going into my belly.

Sorry if I sound so negative.. I am just afraid of having anyone do anything that looks so painful to me... no matter what woman say about their experience with the procedure.

Good luck