Has anyone had results like this

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Has anyone had results like this
Tue, 09-18-2007 - 12:16pm

At my 10 week appt. the doctor told me my initial screening for HIV was positive but when they did further testing it was all negative, so there is NO HIV/AIDS, thank goodness.
They are concerned about it showing up positive and I have to go to an Infectious Disease Specialist now. I am a little worried about what the problem could be. The doctor said this has happened before and it turns out to be fine. With my first, I tested positive for Group B Strep, so I am hoping that is all it is.
Has anyone experienced results like this? Any suggestions, comments, etc.

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Tue, 09-18-2007 - 2:53pm

I havent experienced this but I did some reading.. and what I saw is there are a bunch of things that can cause false positive hiv results.


there was just too many to post here.. but my advise is try not to worry, wait until they get all their results back. they already ruled out its not aids so.. wait and see.

I know easier said than done, but right now there is nothing to do but wait.. so fix yourself a snack.. keep eating healthy.. do a little excises and see what happens. You will see things will work out. You could be coming down with a cold .. only the specialist will know for sure.. so keep us posted.

hugs and good luck



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Wed, 10-10-2007 - 3:57pm
oh good grief, how scary!

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Wed, 10-10-2007 - 4:13pm


Thank you for your concern. As a matter a fact I got my results back today from the further detailed testing and everything is fine. All was negative. They really did not have a explanation other than, maybe human error or maybe a crossed antibody that registered a false positive.
Anyway, all is good and no more worrying about that, thank goodness.
Thanks again.