Can we say Super "B****"

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Can we say Super "B****"
Fri, 09-21-2007 - 2:33pm

OK here it is... yesterday, I was a super B... I made everyone in my house afraid of me.. I dont know what was wrong.. PMS ??? who knows.. but I didnt like it.. I was nasty to everyone.. my husband was a good sport... he just looked at me and said wow your crabby... Of course this didnt help...

is anyone one who previously had PMS before pregancy find that is just as bad during pregnancy?

I mean this sucks.. I hate making my family cringe when I am in a bad mood, most of them are smart enough to hide... but you the teen daughter has to fuel the fire...

Usually I just look at everyone and tell him im in a bad mood and im going to lay down... if they are smart.. they do just that.. but some of them like to poke the angry dog, I guess they like to see my nostrils flare and my eyes bugg out of my head.

Today, I feel great. and not in a bad mood at all... These emotional out burst really do suck!!!

Any advice ladies?