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Can you help me? About 3-4 weeks ago,my boss cut my hours and my pay and then about a week ago she cut me loose completely,why? Because I am pregnant!!!!! Can I do anything? This was all under contract and she refuses to pay me all the severance pay that I deserve!!!What do i do? Any ideas? Here,I thought I would be nice and tell her i am pregnant so she would have enough time to find someone else to hire and I was willing to work until my due date too. I am very confused and very angry which I know is not good when you are pregnant but I am really stressed. This money was going to be our money so I could have a nice maternity leave and this money was going to help us find a bigger place to everything is ruined!!!!!I am sorry for complaining like this,I really just needed to vent!
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GET a Lawyer!!!!, is sexual discrimination and she is in the wrong.

Unless you signed a contract stating you wont get pregnant then she has to honor any contract you have with your company.

Federal and State laws make sure that Americans are able to have
children without losing their jobs. Discrimination against you
because you are pregnant violates the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

Under this law, employers who have at least 15 workers are not
allowed to:

o Refuse to hire a woman because of pregnancy
o Fire or force a worker to leave because she is pregnant
o Take away credit for previous years, accrued retirement benefits,
or seniority because of maternity leave
o Fire or refuse to hire a woman because she has an abortion

You must be allowed to keep working as long as you are able to do
your job. Your boss cannot make a rule about how long you must stay
out of work before or after childbirth. If your company does not
offer sick leave, then it may be discriminating against pregnant

Your employer must treat you at least as well as he/she treats other
workers who can't do their jobs for a short time. For example, if
your company lets a worker go who had a heart attack or broken leg on
paid or unpaid disability leave, you must also have this right if you
are unable to work because of pregnancy or childbirth. If your
pregnancy stops you from being able to do your job, you have the
right to be given easier duties, if other workers who can't do their
jobs for a short time get this right.

Many States have equal employment opportunity laws that protect
against pregnancy discrimination. In addition, the States of
California, Hawaii, New Jersey, New York and Rhode Island, and Puerto
Rico also pay partial wages during time off from work for medical
problems, including those of pregnancy. Find out if your State has
this law, which is called "temporary disability insurance." Some
employers, especially larger companies, also offer this type of
insurance. Check your benefits.



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I'm so sorry you're going through this. Call the Labor board in your state, they will direct you to the right place for immediate income, then call your lawyer. A maternity lawsuit is very serious and will get your employers attention. In my last pregnancy, my boss tried to mess with my job to get me to quit, but I just went along with it until
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Thanks for your information. I am finding though,I might not have a case because you have to have at least 15 employees and I was a nanny for this woman. This really sucks but what else could I do? I am due Feb.1st but sometimes I feel I could go earlier because of the stress and how I have been feeling.Thanks again!
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Oh, I just wrote to you in your other thread, too. I'm not sure with a small employer what the law is. I also work for a small DRs office. I would still call a lawyer and see... I feel so bad for the kids. I'm sure they were attached to you, and then suddenly you're not there. That must be hard for you