Not feeling very pregnant

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Not feeling very pregnant
Thu, 11-01-2007 - 3:01pm


This is my 6th pregnancy (my first one miscarried) and besides the first one, this is the first time I don't really "feel" pregnant, other than being really tired. I've had friends who have never had morning sickness, but I have always had a REALLY bad time with the nausea. Has anyone ever had a pregnancy that was completely different from others? I am only 5 1/2 weeks, but in the past the nausea has always kicked in by now. I just don't know if this is normal.


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Thu, 11-15-2007 - 10:44pm
With my first 3 pregnancies, I had morning sickness morning, noon and night for the first 3 months (I was in my 20's with all 3). This time (at age 41) I have barely had any morning sickness. Actually I've only had night sickness and it doesn't last very long and it's not so bad that I can't handle it.
I was reading something online that said that when you are in your 40's you don't produce _________ <----insert the name of the hormone that I can't remember...that makes you get as sick easily. When you are younger, you produce more of this hormone and are more likely to having more and worse morning sickness.

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Fri, 11-16-2007 - 8:48am
I think every pregnancy is different. This is my second pregnancy with bad "all-day" sickness. This is my fifth baby. My second daughter I had when I was 27yrs old and that pregnancy was the worst! I lost 7 lbs because I was so nauseous. This pregnancy, I'm 16 weeks and have only gained 3lbs so far due to being sick. Now it's starting to taper off a little, still have a lot of food adversions and extreme sense of smell. Have you had your Hcg levels checked to see if pregnancy is progressing well? They don't always offer that to you, but if you ask they will do the bloodwork. Also, having an early ultrasound will help you feel everything is o.k.

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HI, I dont know about any chemical that causes morning sickness, I have been very blessed and with all my pregnancy I have never gotten sick. Though that just means that I put on more weight because im always hungry...

Anyway, I remember before I could feel the baby move all I felt was fat fat fat, the once a month doc visit helped reasure me that I was in deed pregnant because I would get to hear the heart beat..

dont worry soon you will be kicked and poked by your baby, you will wish you could go into labor!'

Good luck


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Wed, 12-12-2007 - 3:55pm


I am 41 and 5 weeks pregnant.

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Thu, 12-13-2007 - 12:28pm

I'm 8 1/2 weeks and sometimes I don't feel pregnant at all. I worry about the developement of the fetus...but already had 2 ultrasounds and it looks good. Usually when I'm sleeping and wake up I don't feel like I'm preggers. After eating breakfast and drinking something it usually kicks in...the bloated feeling.

I wonder if this is normal. I have 2 kids from a previous marriage and that was ages ago when I had them, and don't remember those feelings. Back then I don't think I was nervous about anything with my pregnancies. I guess since I'm in my 40's the worry is really there all the time.

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