1st trimester mucus

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1st trimester mucus
Wed, 12-19-2007 - 2:07pm

Hi I'm 44, 10 weeks pregnant. Feeling pretty good. Had two instances where I had small amount of mucus discharge. Once it had a super small dot of dark blood & I freaked. But none since then. No cramping, just the usual fatigue and back ache. I've been on the progesterone suppositories too. Still seeing

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Sun, 12-23-2007 - 9:07pm

I would say anything is normal at this point in the game. Heck our bodies go through all kinds of weird changes, from that wonderful line on our belly to our super dark nipples, to all kinds of different fluids that come from places we dont want to discuss.

To tell the truth, I wear pantie liners only because I got tired of what I call the "snail trail" in my undies. Yep, totally gross, but we are going though some weird changes. If we are not sneezing and peeing our pants or farting because everything we eat tends to give us gas, then we are having constant heart burn that makes us either puke or burp. Pregnancy is soooo much fun!

today I saw a picture of what a mucus plug looks like and well, I must say that was totally gross. I have never seen one before, never seen mine before and this is my 5 child... so I would say mucus from down there is natural. But dont take it from me, talk to your doc, I mean after all we are paying them the big bucks so they get to hear all our icky problems and concerns, right?

Good luck