New to this Board!

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New to this Board!
Wed, 01-16-2008 - 4:21am

Hello all,

I'm not only hoping to get pregnant (and stay pregnant) at 43 going on 44, but I also got married later than most people. So, I have several issues going on at once. A "young" marriage (less than a year), a husband who is not completely sure he wants to change our DINK lifestyle (he's 33, by the way), and the whole issue of conception and a baby at my age.

Before bombarding you with questions, I'll read what others have written. But, I wanted to say hello to you all!



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Sat, 01-19-2008 - 11:03pm

HI, and welcome,

I sure hope that we see you here soon having that baby you want.

I guess im lucky, I got pregnant by I guess miss counting days, or condom failure. My husband was ecstatic! Plus he has agreed that we can try for one more, Probable in August.


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Thu, 01-24-2008 - 10:09am

SWJ - good luck with your decision.



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Thu, 01-24-2008 - 5:36pm

Hi Deb,

DINK = Double/Dual Income No Kids.

Erin (also a DINK, lurking on this board while