Factor IV, II, and MTHFR - any info?

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Factor IV, II, and MTHFR - any info?
Thu, 01-31-2008 - 3:47pm

Hi Ladies,

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Thu, 01-31-2008 - 8:27pm

Well, I have not had any experience with what you were talking about, maybe you should have a face to face talk with your doctor and not some nurse who is relaying information based on what your doctors is supposedly saying.

I did know a woman who had to take shots because her blood would clot and she kept losing her babies towards the end of her pregnancies, Why dont you take your test results and get a second opinion from another doctor.

Sorry I couldnt be more help, but I didnt want to leave you hanging with no response at all.
Maybe a baby aspirin wont be that hard on your ulcers.

good luck


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Thu, 02-07-2008 - 5:07pm


A few years ago, my son was stillborn full term.

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Fri, 02-08-2008 - 4:34pm

Hi Julie,

When you have the MTHFR gene you don't use or process folic acid properly - thus putting you at a higher risk for a child with a neural tube defect.

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