Heartburn is killing me!

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Heartburn is killing me!
Mon, 02-25-2008 - 10:08am

Hi all-

I am just six weeks pregnant and the heartburn is killing me!


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Mon, 02-25-2008 - 12:11pm

I, too, struggle with terrible reflux, though I have it even when I'm not pregnant. Anyhow, I have taken Ranitidine, which is the generic version of Zantac (I get it very inexpensively at Sam's Club, but I'm sure the generic is also readily available at most drug stores), safely through both of my previous pregnancies. Unfortunately for me, this has not always sufficed. This time around, my midwife suggested that I start on Prilosec after the first trimester, which I have done, and I have to say that I am totally amazed, as I have no reflux at all with just one pill a day. Most physicians feel that Prilosec is safe throughout pregnancy, but we decided to wait until the second trimester, just to be sure. Anyhow, I hope that you are able to get some relief. Like I said, the Ranitidine is totally safe -- my doctor's had absolutely no objection to my taking it -- so, you might want to try that first. Good luck!


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Mon, 02-25-2008 - 12:30pm

FYI - My pharmacist told me Tums were actually the worst thing I could take.

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Mon, 02-25-2008 - 12:59pm

I had horrible heartburn! The only thing that helped me was milk. I was up 2 & 3 times every night drinking milk! I was told not to take Tums, can't remember why though.

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Fri, 02-29-2008 - 7:41am
Hi there, just lurking here and thought I'd respond.




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Sun, 03-02-2008 - 12:56pm

I too have a lot of heartburn with this pregnancy. Tums is actually on my list from the doctors office as something you can take during pregnancy...and trust me I've used them a lot lately.

I don't know of anything else to make it go away...but, I do know that I've always heard that if you have a lot of heart burn during pregnancy, it means the baby is going to have a lot of hair....This keeps me going during the bad nights. lol

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Sun, 03-02-2008 - 11:40pm

I had bad heart burn at the end really bad, I had to lay on my left side only, never the right! and I ate tums by the boat load... drank milk..

sorry if im not much help..

try keeping your head elevated higher then your tummy


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Thu, 03-06-2008 - 12:47pm


I'm about 7 weeks along and having acid reflux.

I read it usually starts later in pregnancy, but I have it now.

I am not sure of any remedies for this.

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Sat, 04-12-2008 - 12:43pm

Just a follow up on my heart burn post....

I had said that it gave me hope that this would mean that the baby has a lot of hair (b/c that's what

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Mon, 04-21-2008 - 9:28am
Hey Amanda... well I was just gonna say "yes I heard the Wives Tale too" and I dont believe it but..then Look at you!! soo you saw that! Wow Ive never seen hair on ultrasounds!! Well my 1st son Trae, I had bad heartburn... and my MIL told me that too! Well let me tell you! My son TRae... hardly had hair when he was born and infact his hair didnt full fully grow where to cover his head where y ou could say he had a full head of hair till he was near 1yr old!! BUT I remember waking up on night while we were staying at my MIL and I had heartburn...and she was telling me "Oh the babys gonna have a lot of hair"! Well now I just assume..and figure its cuz your intenstines are pushed way up..and its hard to digest things which is what IM going thru RIGHT now w/my little girl!! Well Hope you are doing WOnderful!
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Mon, 04-21-2008 - 9:43am
I'm due in 4 weeks and have acid reflux. I usually take pepto bismal and have to sleep sitting up if i have eaten to late. This happened in a prior pregnancy and it was so out of control I thought I was going to have to go to the emergency room. I couldn't stop throwing up and the acid burns your throat as it comes up. Anyway pepto is helps me. I only take it when I feel the acid starting to come up. then I prop up on pillows or sleep on the couch. I think not eating so late will prevent this, giving yourself at least 3 hours or more to digest before going to bed.