Epidural in Early Labor?

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Epidural in Early Labor?
Sat, 03-15-2008 - 8:13am

My first pregnancy was natural and I'd never do that again. It was too painful for me. This second time around, I'll be asking for the epidural.

Has anyone had epidural during early labor to prevent any really painful contractions during the active labor phase?

I was thinking of asking for it really early on so I won't feel any bad pains.

Thanks again in advance!

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Sat, 03-15-2008 - 8:21pm

I was scared and didnt want an epidural, I dont like needles and one going in my spine was scary to me. So needless to say I screamed my butt off in pain while I delivered my son! I did decide to have the epidural when I was about 5cm. Thats when they broke my water and when the real pain started, so I had changed my mind and begged for the epidural, but by the time they got up to my room to do it, I had gone from 5 to 8 and was in so much pain that I couldnt stay still for it, so I coudlnt have it. I do remember that they asked me in the very beginning when I got there if I was going to have one or not. so ask early, I believe that its when you are around 5cm when they do it. And it is done when you are having a contraction. I dont know why, I think they just like see if you can hold still or not.. LOL

Go for it and let me know how it felt. I am planning on having one more and will be 42 when I deliver that baby! And I will have an epidural for that one, I guess I was just a big baby!

Good luck

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Sat, 03-15-2008 - 10:05pm


I think you need to let them know as soon as you get there you'll be wanting one so the anesthesiologist is ready and waiting. But I think you have to get to a certain dilation and have contractions at certain intervals before they'll do it so you progress. I'm not sure what those milestones are, because I went straight into active painful labor :( So getting one this time around, too! So asking you doctor would be good.

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Tue, 03-18-2008 - 7:52am
I will be begging for it as soon as possible.
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Tue, 03-18-2008 - 8:51am

With my first I waited until I couldn't handle the pain..then the epidural guy could not get there fast enough for me.

For my second I asked as soon as I walked in the