How to tell New Employer?

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How to tell New Employer?
Mon, 03-24-2008 - 9:54pm

Help pls! I just started a new job today. I am 12 weeks pregnant & I am bloated, but per my husband, I'm not showing that pregnant yet. I feel that maybe next month I might start showing.

I am afraid and don't know how to tell my new employer that I'm pregnant. I was going to hold off until I'm 5 mos. along, but my clothes will start showing earlier than that.

I know that there is a Pregnancy Disc. Act.

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Mon, 03-24-2008 - 11:56pm

What kind of job is it? Is it a job where your health may be at risk, such as heavy lifting or chemicals that may not be good for you. Is it a job where you can easily be replaced, I know they are not supposed to be able to do that, but they could make it harder for you to go to work and make you want to quit. have you had a chance to feel out your bosses? are they cool and nice or demanding and pushy? I would say if they are demanding and pushy and seem like they might make life hard for you I would wait till they ask you.

Good luck
and congrats


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