Please Share Your FTS Experience!

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Please Share Your FTS Experience!
Sun, 04-20-2008 - 1:45pm

Couldn't squeeze First Trimester Screen (FTS) in the discussion title box but that is what I am referring too!

Anyway, I will be doing this at 12 weeks. (I am a little over 10 weeks today) I found, somewhere on this forum, a really great link to that had a movie describing in terrific detail what is involved in the FTS and how results are calculated.

It refers to more than just the nuchal translucency as a physical marker in the sonogram portion of the screen.

Did your screens also look at the nasal bone and blood flow through the ductus venosus (an area of the heart) ??

Also implies that for women in our age group probabilities for (or not) trisomy 21, 18 and 13 are more accurate than younger women. That is, they are more likely to miss an abnormality in a 25 year old woman then they are in a 45 year old woman. I found this greatly reassuring. (I mean not for the 25 year olds - but you know what I'm saying!)

Did your doctors or genetic counselors talk to you about that??

I have a call into the place where I will have mine (Genetics and IVF Institute in Fairfax, VA) to find out their point of view on probabilities once all things are considered and if they check for the additional markers.

Please share anything you can about your FTS! Thanks!

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Sun, 04-20-2008 - 2:45pm

Thank you for that very informative link! I'm going to share the video with my DH so he can understand the testing process as well. And I agree, it's good to know that the tests for our age group are 99% accurate.

This is my very first time pregnant, and I'm still learning.

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Mon, 04-21-2008 - 9:40am
Hi! well thou Im 39!! ...I was still quite worried in Dec when I found out I was pregnant.. or after my intial visit because they tell you all the warnings that come naturally with and because of age. Downsyd & the Spinabifida...soo I think I had the screening done around my 13 wk?? or soo.. and they told me the would do the Ultrasound Screening and be looking to see the fluid thats behind the babys neck...and that Came out Good! No problems there. Thou I was worried for quite some time and oh...not to mention Im a diabetic and I hadnt been taking care of myself or seeing a dr' for my diabetes prior to getting pregnant..thou I as taking medication. Sooo after the screening and getting the Green light that the fluid was normal...they did the blood sampling thing..where they placed 3 dots of blood on a form that was to be sent to get ck'd and I got results back on that and that was good!! soo Wheeeew! So far so good!! you gotta stay positive and only thing like my MOm told me was not to worry because we never had anyone in the family w/downs syndrome..but i know thats also not just a good and safe to say your "CLEAR"..but to ease your mind... some. IT helped me to think of that. It wasnt until after that testing that I was "Okay.. Im happy and IM pregnant"!!