How can I be gaining this much weight???

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How can I be gaining this much weight???
Wed, 05-07-2008 - 11:39am

With my first pregnancy, I was a stick of a woman and yet I did not look pregnant after late in my 4th month. I could not wait to get into pregnant clothes and strut my bump around. Now I am only 7 weeks into it, and I swear, I look pregnant already. Of course my first left me with a lovely mommy belly, but in just two weeks I have packed two pounds, and all in the middle. I don't want anybody at work to know yet, so yesterday I had to go to buy "not pregnant clothes that hide belly" work clothes. I did have a blast, since the store ladies were sympathetic and kept bringing "suggestions". Thank God for this year's baby doll top fashions. I did find a killer dress too that I can wear through pregnancy and still look sexy.
Soooo - I hear that with the second baby, you get bigger, faster and sooner, but THIS fast? THIS soon? I swear I have not changed my eating patters (only added milk at night)

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hmmm I know that during all of my other pregnancies when I was 32 and younger I was a total stick too... I did put on weight as I got older and I did look bigger sooner then I did with all the other pregnancies. I was also starving all the time and that didnt help! but all in all I only put on 27 pounds total and it only took 6 weeks to get right back to where I was before. I think that with our age and maybe already having babies we tend to show faster because our skin is well soft now then it was when we were younger.... not that we are saggy and old but you know maybe not as buff.

I wouldnt worry too much after you have the baby.. you can bounce back. you know if anyone asks you can always say.. what baby!!! im fat.. maybe they will slink off and not ask again, then later you can tell them HA HA gotcha!

Good luck

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Mon, 05-12-2008 - 11:45pm

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I was extremely skinny and in my 20's when I had my other 3 children. However, I started having to actually wear maternity (or stretch clothes) by my 2nd month with my first 2 children. I only ended up gaing 26 & 27 pounds with them. On my 3rd child, I didn't start showing until my 4th month and ended up gaining 68 pounds with him.

I just delivered my 4th child (at age 42) and ended up gaining a little over 40 pounds and I was showing in my 2nd month.

I read a lot about when you start showing and if you've had children many sites stated:

If this is not your first baby you may start to show sooner than you did with your previous pregnancy. If you have been pregnant before, your uterus and abdominal muscles may be more relaxed. Your pregnant belly may seem to “pop out” right away. Size and body type will influence how fast a woman will show. Weight is one factor in how soon a woman will start to show. Very thin women tend to show a bit sooner in some cases. Height is another factor. Shorter women tend to show more and sooner than tall women. The muscles that support the uterus are stretched and weakened.

However, after delivering, it seem like they all took about the same amount of time to loose the weight and get back to normal. So, I didn't worry too much about it.