Really getting myself worked up

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Really getting myself worked up
Fri, 05-23-2008 - 4:56pm

OK ladies I need to hear from the voices of experience.

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Fri, 05-23-2008 - 7:27pm

I mostly lurk over here from the TTC40+ board but here goes... I ended up with a c-section (even after I flipped my baby vertex if you read my other post) because I too got to 7cm and the baby would not desend. I ended up with a c-section against my will after 3 days of labor ,yes 3 days! (my baby was never in distress so I would not consent to surgery) to make a long story short I ended up with an infection from all the internal exams and they needed to get him out due to me developing a fever with ROM. Well once we got him out I was informed he would have never made it out because his frontal "soft spot" had prematurely fused inutero. (cranial stenosis) Because of this his head could not mold to deliver vaginally. After the section I was very depressed and angry that I was not the first to see and hold my baby, my body had failed me and I was put to sleep against my will because they all said "your tired and need rest" Hence I missed his birth! Then they bring this baby to me and tell me he is mine(so un-natural)

2 yrs later I

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Fri, 05-23-2008 - 7:46pm
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Sat, 05-24-2008 - 4:34am

OMG, Kim, you are so brave!!!

I quaver at the mere thought of a surgical instrument coming within a foot of me.

Thank you for sharing this, though, it is good to see that you survived the C-sections, all well as the traumatic labour that led up to them


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Sat, 05-24-2008 - 10:14am

I guess my experience was just the opposite. I had a complete placenta previa, so from month #4 I knew that natural labor was impossible and that I was heading for elective C-section. Unfortunately I ended up with a major bleeding at 36 weeks and a rush to the hospital. At the time I lived in a small town and worked in the hospital, so I was treated like a VIP - they waited at the door for me with a wheelchair, they had all my papers ready, they wheeled me directly up and the OB was waiting for me upstairs. Everything went so fast, that baby was born exactly one hour after I made the call to the hospital telling them I was coming. I thought the procedure was efficient and relaxed and everybody was joking and telling stories. The only one that was a bit green around the gills was my DH who is not a medical person, even though I had made him watch the video about c-section delivery. The worst thing about the procedure was that the baby had wet lungs (no contractions to help him clear fluid from the lungs) and spent the first 12 hours in the incubator on oxygen, so I could not move from the bed and I could not see him at all for all that time. That was the single worst experience, forget the pain of the incission and all the throwing up from the medication. A nurse was very kind to take pics with a digital camera all night long and bring them to me so I could see him.
I am not sure if I miss having a natural delivery; The thought cross my mind that if we did not have the medical means we have nowadays, both my baby and me would have died during childbirth. So at the end of the day, what matters is that we both did well and he was healthy.
During this pregnancy my doctor has discouraged me from attempting a VBAC because of my age, the previous c-section, and the previa, which increase the risk of uterine rupture during VBAC. Although it is tempting because the recovery is so much faster than with C-section, but in the end I may just be a chicken and take the safe route...
Now I can tell you that I work in the ICU of a hospital with a busy OB department and that is extremely rare that we receive OB patients at all, in spite of doing over 700 deliveries a month. Possibly three or four in the last year, and with the exception of a bleeder last month, all of them were non-surgically related and non-avoidable (eclamptic patients, HELLP syndrom, whatever). So in general we get less complications from C-sections than from gallbladder surgery! just think about that. So I feel pretty safe having another C-section.
Again, that is MHO, and deep down, I admire those that are brave enough to attempt VBAC. I am just not one of them.

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Fri, 06-06-2008 - 9:54pm

I don't have the experiences of both scheduled and unexpected c/s but I have had a scheduled c/s (with #1) and 2 VBAC's (#2 and #3).

My c/s was the result of my first son being breech so it was planned - no labor, just show up at 6:30am, brief prep, little bit of waiting in triage, escort down to the OR and - poof, baby born. The entire experience, surgery included, was very relaxed, very stress-free, believe it or not.

I have heard many, many stories that, yes, laboring for x-number of hours, and then having a c/s is a completely different experience. Instead of just recovering from the c/s, your body now has to also recover from the exhaustion of labor.

I did choose to have the 2 VBAC's and because the option was offered to me by my OB, and to be honest, it was just before a lot of research surfaced about the potential risk of uterine rupture. I'm glad I did it and do plan to have another VBAC this time around as well.

VBACs are safe (providing your own medical history and previous surgeries - c/s included) allow for it. But, like everything else, it comes with it's own unique risks.

To be honest (as someone that has had 2 VBACs and teaches Childbirth Education in a busy L&D unit), weigh your options carefully and make the decision that you feel will make your birth experience the most positive. What I would not overlook though is having to choose a new doc at 38 weeks is an extremely daunting task. If you trust and respect your current OB, there's a lot to be said for the peace of mind that comes with knowing you're in good hands whether going vaginal, c/s, VBAC, etc. A good, qualified doc is key.

Good luck. Your decision is a toughy.


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Sun, 06-08-2008 - 5:34pm

Like you, I had an emergency c-sect after halted dilation at 7cm and 35 hours of labor.

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Fri, 06-20-2008 - 4:50pm

I had two emergency c-sections, one when baby became stuck in birth canal, 10# and one when I hemorrhaged with a placenta previa and was given a general anesthesia.

I also had two planned c-sections and yes the planned ones are much better.

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Wed, 06-25-2008 - 6:51pm


I too had an unplanned c-section with my first child 6 years ago.

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Wed, 06-25-2008 - 10:51pm

OK, now that's the kind of encouraging thing I need to hear.