When did you start to excercise?

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When did you start to excercise?
Sun, 08-03-2008 - 11:23pm

I am 3 months PP and I have had a lot of back pain and also right above my incision is this FAT lump all the way across that laps over the incision. I'm told this is the muscle that they cut. I don't know...this was my first c-section.

After having my baby, I've always seem to have pain on the left side in that area. I assume it's scar tissue or something. But, it's always the left side only. Some times it hurts just pressing on it when my husband hugs me or some times during sex I have to place my hand on it.

Well, tonight my daughter (who is 2 weeks PP) and I decided we were going to try to excercise for the 1st time. We started with sit ups...the same area that has been bothering me hurt again tonight. Of course there was nothing pressing against it this time, but it was from within and a different feeling. Is this normal for a c-section mom? Should I be excercising yet?

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I would say that if your body is telling you not to....then don't.

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