Progesterone and HCG levels early on?

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Progesterone and HCG levels early on?
Tue, 08-05-2008 - 4:28pm

I am hoping some of you will share your own progesterone and HCG levels from the first weeks of pregnancy.

HCG was 25 at 14 days past ovulation, 57 at 16 DPO and 117 at 18 DPO.

My progesterone has varied between 15-25 since 14 DPO. I am 5 weeks pregnant today. I'm taking oral progesterone supplements, as well as using the progesterone cream from the health food store.


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Tue, 08-05-2008 - 6:28pm


My HCG was 33 on 14DPO, 60 on 15DPO and 335 on 19DPO.

Here is a calculator that will work for the first few weeks:

According to American Pregnancy dot com:
Progesterone levels also can have quite a variance at this stage of pregnancy. They can range from 9-47ng/ml in the first trimester, with an average of 12-20ng/ml in the first 5-6 weeks of pregnancy.

My Progesterone was in the 40s at about the same time, which my doctor thought was great... but I was still to take Prometrium for 120 days, as more is better apparently - especially with a repeat miscarrier.


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