how many of you........

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how many of you........
Fri, 08-22-2008 - 12:37pm
opted out of any tests for abnormalities like downs ect... because they all seem uncomfortable any pretty scary for me.even the cvs.i would absolutely feak

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Fri, 08-22-2008 - 12:43pm

We always opted out of all the tests except the Level II u/s.


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Fri, 08-22-2008 - 5:37pm
I opted out of the invasive tests.

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Mon, 08-25-2008 - 11:26pm

I Opted out of my testing with my last baby, I was scared and didnt want the risks and since I wasnt going to abort there was no point in taking the risk.

This time I will have all the screening tests, though I am still waiting to find out if im pregnant..

anyway I think going for the testing is a purely individual choice.

Good luck on what ever you decide.


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Tue, 08-26-2008 - 12:22am
I did not have ANY of the test at all. I was not only scared, but knew I would accept what ever was intended to happen. But, I have to say even tho I was scared to death...I just knew in my heart that everything was fine.

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Thu, 08-28-2008 - 7:49pm


I opted out of all but the level II ultrasound. That showed things looked great and they were.. My dear baby girl is now 3 mos old and happy and healthy..

Enjoy your pregnancy


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Thu, 08-28-2008 - 9:56pm

I opted out of all the testing except for the 20 week ultrasound with my baby that I had at 43. He is very healthy, I am 12 weeks pregnant at 46 and I will do the same this time. I may not even have the ultrasound.It won't change anything and I sometimes think there is too much technology.WhenI was pregnant with my first 4 the ultrasound was not even a routine test as it is now.I had to bribe my doc with cookies to get him to order me one with #4 15 years ago because I wanted to find out the sex.This is our 6th child and I just want to trust in God's work.


I am 25 weeks and started t