Uterine Bleed 8W3D

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Uterine Bleed 8W3D
Thu, 10-16-2008 - 3:44pm

Hi I am new here and could use some help or stories and outcomes re: bleeding in 1st trimester.

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Fri, 10-17-2008 - 5:15am

Hi Tiffany,

I just wanted to send you some P&PTs.

Mom to Jeffrey, a 7 year old ball of fire,&nbs

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Fri, 10-17-2008 - 10:35pm

I bled with my second son, gushed down my leg, he is now 17, I bled with my third child on and off a few times even passed out once, she is now 15, I bled towards the end after an exam with the baby boy who is now 9 months old.

so you see bleeding isnt always the end!

they didnt tell you you would 100 percent MC so If I were you I would get off my feet get them in the air and get your butt in a comfortable positing and pretend you are the pretty pretty princess of the house and have some people wait on you hand and foot till your next appointment!!!!!

Trust me pretty pretty princess is totally medicinal and you totally deserve it you are making a life after all!!!!

Good luck and keep us posted

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