Switch doctors?

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Switch doctors?
Tue, 10-21-2008 - 1:31am

Hi everyone, I am looking for some advice as far as switching doctors. I have been seeing the same OB/GYN since I was 16 so there is a comfort factor here. There are a few things that are raising red flags for me and making my fiance very uncomfortable. I am 6 weeks pregnant and have a history of miscarriages (3 to be exact with one being just last year). So far I have had two blood tests, one for HCG levels and then another for progesterone. Both came back great.

Yesterday I spotted and got a bit freaked out. I called the office and left a message to have a doctor call me back. They did and did not seem to be too concerned, told me I could stay at work and continue on doing what ever. I had an appt. today for my first ultrasound. I was not too hopeful considering my history and thankfully everything came out good. I then saw the doctor. He seemed to be not too talkative, not giving me much information, never mentioned prenatal vitamins and told me that I could do what ever I wanted, meaning no restrictions. I am a manager at a pet store and we have reptiles. Our own purchase cards clearly state on the back that pregnant women should not handle reptiles. When I questioned him about this he said that he is a firm believer that if you are meant to miscarry then it will happen no matter what and that if you aren't then you won't no matter what you do. This did not sit well with me.

I then told him how I am on blood pressure medication and wanted to check with him if it was ok to continue taking this particular drug. He told me that he had never heard of it, but then left the room to go look it up. When he came back he said that he couldn't find it, but then wrote down the

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Tue, 10-21-2008 - 6:36am

Hello Dawn:

You asked a questioned at the end "are we being too sensitive?"

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Tue, 10-21-2008 - 5:03pm


I think you have every right to be concerned.

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Tue, 10-21-2008 - 5:40pm

Hi Dawn,

Sorry your Dr has such a crappy attitude.

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Tue, 10-21-2008 - 9:24pm

Don't walk away - run!


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Tue, 10-21-2008 - 10:09pm

Absolutely go with your gut feelings...unless he was having a really, really bad day (you said you have known him for years) I would say look elsewhere. Is there another dr in that practice that delivers? Maybe you could see him/next time? I agree with you - that behavior/lack of concern would bother me too....you need and deserve a supportive caregiver....good luck and let us know what you decide to do!

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Wed, 10-22-2008 - 10:49am

Change! And if you don't like the new one, change again! You need to find someone who gives you what you need. Good luck to you!!


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Wed, 10-22-2008 - 10:08pm

Im just chiming in with my two cents

after having a great doctor, yours sounds stinky, my doc even called me at home to make sure I was feeling ok after I had a bleeding issue, he carried my phone number in his wallet till after I delivered then he gave it to me when he released me to go home.

Get a new doc!

He didnt even tell you to stay away from shell fish and tuna????

Go find someone who specializes in woman with pregnancy issues, do it now, well not now now but wait till morning then call your health insurance and im sure they can help you find someone who will be more in tune with your needs.


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