Postparum Depression

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Postparum Depression
Wed, 10-22-2008 - 3:39pm

Does anyone have any experience with PPD?



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Fri, 10-24-2008 - 10:11pm
Thanks for the kind words.


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Mon, 10-27-2008 - 6:29am

(((((HUGS))))) Rachelle!

I am really, really sorry you are feeling so down.

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Tue, 10-28-2008 - 11:39am

Hi Rachelle,

I just wanted to mention that we have a wonderful Postpartum Depression board on iVillage.

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Tue, 10-28-2008 - 11:46am

Thank you for your lovely post, which sounded, sadly, like a farewell. You are right, though, we will eventually drift away from this board full of terrific women as our lives evolve.

I think the gym idea sounds great. Sport will make you feel better, even if only temporarily. I've been eiither cycling or walking every day since DS arrived, which really helps, even when i am dead tired. Despite that, and eating well, I'm not feeling 100%. I went to my gynacologist today for my post-delivery check-upand he actually laughed at me for complaining. He said we cant expect to feel brilliant straight away after putting our bodies through all these hormonal changes, not to mention the physical side of it all. At least he didnt make reference to my age, which is what my mother did when I mentioned feeling under the weather...(He did, however, give me the go-ahead to start running again, gently, so I am over the moon and will be out there in running shoes as soon as I feel OK again!)

You are so right that having children later motivates us to keep healthy and young at heart. I really hope you are already feeling less heavy-hearted and worried. Give Esai a cuddle when you feel down and always remember that whatever people say, he would not have existed without you and just look the darling!!