Trouble with Stress

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Trouble with Stress
Fri, 10-24-2008 - 2:59am

I think I just need to vent, so thanks for listening. I am really struggling with stress these days and I am concerned about it affecting the baby. My family has just moved from NC to CT. We are buying an old house and planning renovations, and I am so overwhelmed by the project! I am staying with my mother-in-law, trying to chase a 3 year old, and in my spare time get organized, meet with contractors, get quotes, take care of a sick dog, and somehow, I'm supposed to take care of me during all this! You can guess which one is falling through the cracks.

My gestational diabetes kicked in right before I left NC, so I am supposed to be eating regularly, drinking plenty of fluids, etc., and right now it isn't happening. I wind up skipping meals, forgetting to drink anything because I am running around. Then by evening I am shot. DH has not been a lot of help because of a crazy work schedule. I told him yesterday that he needed to take some time for me or he was going to have to take a week off to handle it ALL because I was going to get in my car and go rest somewhere!

In truth, we are leaving for vacation on Sunday, and I think if I can make it that far I will be fine, but two days seems like forever right now, and then there is packing...I am just feeling like I am going to crack. Oh, and I hated the OB I saw when I got here, so I am scheduled to try a new one on NOv 3rd, so I don't even feel like I can turn there for help. I just feel like there is no one in the world - including myself - that has me as a top priority! I feel like screaming - HELLO! See the big belly? I'm pregnant for crying out loud - help me out! I guess its ridiculous, but I would SO like to hear just one family member say, "Why don't you go lay down for an hour, I'll watch your daughter."

Sorry, I'm ranting. Like I said, just needed to vent. Thanks for listening.

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Sun, 10-26-2008 - 3:21pm

Aww I feel bad for you :(

you need to rest, please tell me what is so important other than you and the baby? Sick dog? well the Doggy and lay down and relax, and probably does sleep a lot, that house you are renovating, we guess what all those renovations can be done over time. do whats important to make sure the house is livable and then go slow from there. Take care of your 3 y/o because that is as important as you and the new baby. Maybe you can check into the local high school for some teen who can come and help you, our town has this program called helping hands, the kids fill out what they are willing to do and they you hire them.

I am sure that you are on vacation and relaxing now, well you better be, you dont want to mess around with your health, if you go down then who will be there to take care of your family????

So rest and stop trying to do too much, if I spend my day playing with my child and forget everything else in the house, guess what?? nothing happens the world keeps turning day turns to night and things just go on.. ok so I have more dishes to wash but who care!!! Enjoy life and relax and stay healthy thats whats important!!!

Enjoy your vacation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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