transverse baby and turning

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transverse baby and turning
Sat, 12-27-2008 - 3:43pm
Hello all jut wanted to know if anyone ha had the doctors try and turn your baby while in womb? I heard it was pain full, risky , and does not always work. anyone offer advice. Im 45 and this is my 4th live birth 6th pregnancy and last, but started swelling, blood pressure up and ready to get finished still 3 weeks away from due date. looking at big possibility of c-section not thrilled about that either just scared, but the baby is transverse and already about pounds, for birthing a 9-10 pounder is not a thrill either as one of my kids was 10 plus another 9. HELP pray for me and give me strength thank you....
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Sat, 12-27-2008 - 7:55pm

saying prayers for you and sending hugs....

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Sat, 12-27-2008 - 10:00pm

Hi there,

I have never responded here before, but I lurk often!

I am a birth doula and can respond to this question.

I attended a birth just a couple of months ago where the doc turned the baby and then induced labor. The mom was at 38 weeks at the time. They induced because the baby was kinda small and they did not want to risk having her turn back.

They tried to turn her with just a sedative at first, but she would not turn. So, they gave her a spinal and then turned her. By the time labor kicked in the spinal had worn off. She had no other medical intervention. It was a happy birth for all!

I hope this information helps.


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Sun, 12-28-2008 - 11:02am

My third child was breech and they tried to turn him but it didn´t work. A c-section would have been an option but we decided to try a breech birth first. I was in labour for 18 hours but it worked.

That was 23 years ago though and I was 20 then. I don´t know if I would try it again.

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Sun, 12-28-2008 - 4:16pm
Thank You all for your responces. I have been praying all weekend as well as been added to many list and in my heart feel that I will request a c-section. Since christmas day I have had elephant legs and ankles and felt sick will go in tomorrow I think the end is near, baby busy as ever thank God but few contractions as befor. Please all contunie your prayers and support thank you. Baker22
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Tue, 12-30-2008 - 12:57pm
My last baby was head up for the longest time. I did some research and there are a few ways you can encourage the baby to turn head down. Part of it for her was that she had too much room in there! Lol! Some of the things that were suggested were getting on your hands and knees at the top of the stairs and then using your hands, going down head first. Can be a bit scary though, and it might be a good idea to have someone there to catch you in case you slip. Another was to use a flash light and shine it on your tummy, going from top to bottom, the idea being that they will turn toward the light. The one that I think helped me the most was actually psychological. You see, I wasn't ready for her to be born yet, and was a bit worried about when she was born if I would make it to the hospital and all of that. (My labours can be quick) I read where being transverse can be the baby's way of trying to wait until we are ready. They are so perceptive of our emotions, even then. I realized that I was definitely "not ready" and had been saying that for a good many weeks, so I just focused on telling her that it was okay for her to come whenever she was ready, that I really wanted her and would love her no matter when or where she was born. Within just a day or two of me saying that and really believing it she went head down and stayed there. That was at 36 weeks, only a week before she was born, and nearly a week before the scheduled induction we never needed (and I REALLY did NOT want!) All of those are very non-invasive, and certainly things I would try before having the doctor do it. I have heard that it can be very painful, and isn't very successful. My doctor said she has turned babies when the moms were in labour, but fortunately I never had to go that route.


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Wed, 12-31-2008 - 11:57pm
Thank You for your prayers, went to doctor this am and am going in friday for another ultra sound, Midwife said we want to see the size I have big kids 10 lbs,9lbs and 7lbs and if transverse we know that he is both just from our feeling I oppted NOT to try and turn him and she agrees it's risky and does not always work, so agian thank you for your prayers and I will up date on friday.........
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Thu, 01-08-2009 - 10:22am

I really feel for you. I was in the same position last April.

Here is my entire story of delima if you want to read it:

It tells all the methods I tried to get her to flip and everything that happened.

If not, this is the part I posted regarding the version AFTER I had it done:

I went in for my version on Thursday at 9am. After they gave me the epidural and it took effect, there were 2 doctors that were doing the version to try to get her to flip and several residents watching.