So sick, I just want to die :(

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So sick, I just want to die :(
Mon, 01-05-2009 - 11:44am
Gawd, here I am 6 weeks pregnant and I just feel like dying. I am naseous ALL day long. If I could actually barf I think I might feel better, but nope, just this horrible feeling and excess spit. How do you deal with this? I put something in my mouth to munch on and have to spit it out mid chew. Sipping on sprite seems ok some of the time, but otherwise I am just miserable. I just want to cry. I feel like such a hypocrit, we have been trying to get pregnant for so long and now that I am I wonder wtf I was thinking!

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Tue, 01-06-2009 - 10:09pm

Hello, ladies.


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Tue, 01-06-2009 - 3:55pm


I am soooo so with you.
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Mon, 01-05-2009 - 10:39pm
B-6 helped me early on as well.

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Mon, 01-05-2009 - 12:37pm

Talk to your Doctor. I was able to take a combo of unisom and B6 which helped. You can also ask about a prescription for Zofran. It was really helpful also.

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I am 25 weeks and started t