Child w/ eye color not mine or DH's?

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Child w/ eye color not mine or DH's?
Mon, 02-02-2009 - 12:35pm

Anybody have a child that does not have either parent's eye color?


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Tue, 02-03-2009 - 9:51am
My huband has blue eyes and ALL my children had blue eyes until they were 18 months old.

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Tue, 02-03-2009 - 10:24am



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Wed, 02-04-2009 - 9:09am

Hey Rachelle,

My husband had blue eyes until about 6 and then they changed more hazel/green. I love his eye colour. My son has his colour as it is now - he's 3. Mine are blue, but I think they are darker than when I was young. Kind of like how my hair has changed to a more mousy colour (I dye it now).


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Thu, 02-05-2009 - 2:28pm

My parents both had/have brown eyes and I have blue eyes. My maternal grandmother and my paternal grandfather both had blue eyes so I guess I got that from them.

My husband has brown eyes. Ryan had blue eyes for about a year, then they started to get darker. Now at 20 month he has brown eyes. Our older children also have brown eyes.

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Thu, 02-05-2009 - 10:05pm

What an interesting thread!


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Sat, 02-07-2009 - 7:06am

That's a fun thing to try!!

My eyes are blue and DH chestnut. DD's started off blue, then turned grey, by 2 they were green and by the time she got to 3 a sort of greeny hazel. My chart gives only a 12.5% chance of this! I dont know if she will change again - her hair is still blonde...

DS is still bluey-grey,but I would guess he will end up chestnut since his hair is dark like DH's...

It is interesting to note what the pp says about eye colour changing at 6!


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Sat, 02-07-2009 - 11:05pm

That goes back to genetics...
your husband has a blue/hazel gene and you have a brown/blue gene..

so your children can either have the brown/blue gene giving them brown eyes
or they can have the blue/blue gene giving blue eyes
or they can have the blue/hazel gene giving them either of the two
or they can have brown/hazel eyes giving them brown eyes

its all genetics

or the postman came to visit LOL.. just kidding...


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Sat, 02-07-2009 - 11:57pm
I have 2 blue eyed kids, ONe parent has brown and the other hazel. Go figure!
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Sun, 02-08-2009 - 1:19am

Yeah, go figure! Just like my DH and myself.


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Thu, 02-26-2009 - 6:50pm

Thanks for that link. It was quite interesting.

My sister has dark brown eyes and so did her husband. They ended up with a son with brown eyes and a son with blue eyes. (Her dad has blue eyes and so does our brother). This caused quite a problem for her and her husband with him never believing that they could produce a baby with blue eyes when they both had brown eyes.

I know that brown eyes dominate over the other colors, but I have brown and my husband had blue and we ended up with 2 blue eyed and 1 brown eyed children.

I've always heard (and the doctors have told me) that the babys eyes can change colors up until they are a year old. But as others have's happened much later than that.

My brown eyed son (which is now 22) had extremely dark brown eyes from the time of birth up until he was going into middle school. Then his eyes lightened up to a very very light brown. Which is what they are today. Even though the didn't change color...they changed color shade.