embarrasing concerns ..............

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embarrasing concerns ..............
Thu, 02-05-2009 - 11:00am

ok, i was supposed to be having a scedualed c-section on the 9th of march,actual due date is 3/15.only because my dd who is now 12,was a c-section (because of a breech position)well i really dont want the surgery and i feel that at my age i just dont want to go there.so i am going to go for a v-bac and from the research ive done,im a great candidate.i will be confirming this with my ob on the 10th of feb.

so ive been home and bored and watching to many of the birth stories on tv in the mornings and it seems like with all the vaginal deliveries you bottom is in the air,feet in stirrups,for everyone to see! ughhhhhhh !!

im not happy about this.especially since i have a mild case of (vanerial warts) been dealing with them for 15 yrs.they are usually at bay and not even noticable.but now with the pregnancy,they are in a bad way.also have hemeroids!! something ive "never" had...ever.doc did say that once i deliver these issues will disolve.but for now im horrified at everyone lookijng at my uh...ya know ...bottom!!!

i just feel so embarassed.what do i do?i was thinking that maybe i could threaten to kill dh if he goes down there at that time but he wont listen i know it then ill be furious at a time i should be happy.and i know that if im in full blown labor,maybe i wont even be worrying about it that much but i cant imagine.


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Thu, 02-05-2009 - 11:19am

I totally get your concerns!

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Thu, 02-05-2009 - 4:05pm

Oh boy....getting up on soapbox!

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Fri, 02-06-2009 - 10:34pm

I hope you can have your VBAC....definitely go for it and if you need to, go for that second opinion!

As for delivery...well I learned after my first birth, there is no such thing as modestly durring labor/delivery. Once you are in the middle of things, trust me, you won't care about much...as for people walking in, you have the right to not have other doctors/nurses/students/staff walk in. Make that VERY clear in advance....have a birth plan in writing, give it to your Dr for thier file and bring copies to the hospital....have the nurses read it and have it handy for when there is a shift change.

As for the rest of the medical stuff...doctors have seen everything, hemorroids and all, nurses have seen it too! I am sure they won't blink an eye.

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Sat, 02-07-2009 - 6:19am

I would go for the VBAC if at all possible and as the pp says, the medical staff are not concerned with what we look like down there, they are just concerned with the birth, with you and the baby...TMI, I know, but a few moments before #1 was born I distinctly felt my back passage emptying itself. I WAS SOOO EMBARESSED!! The midwife calmly cleaned it away and when baby arrived, i just forgot about it! Second time around I didnt even get as far as the delivery room, so apart from cleaning the placenta away, the medical staff didnt get much time to look at anything. DH didnt have to see anything either since he was driving the car whilst DS was born!!!


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Sat, 02-07-2009 - 7:51pm

That's a very common


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Thu, 02-26-2009 - 7:18pm

Just my opinion.

The doctors and nurses on the labor and delivery floor have seen everything and everyone. They don't think twice about it. Just know you are not the only one to come in to the hospital with hemorrhoids or venerial warts and you won't be the last. Also the people that are in your room will probably never see you again (except your doctor) and they won't remember you from any of the other thousands of people that deliver there every year.

Trust me, when you are in labor and hard labor, modesty goes out the door and you don't care...just get this baby out and get her/him in my loving arms!

I know at my hospital (same for all 4 of my children and my 2 grandbabies were just born in the last year there as well), they do everything to respect you and your privacy. They ALWAYS knock before entering, the only people that ever entered the room was either your doctor or your nurse assigned to you. They will ask if it is ok for the students to come in during delivery (it is a teaching hospital). You have the right to agree or refuse. I allowed them to come in during my c-section, my daughter allowed them in with her delivery and my daughter in law said no. So, they respect your wishes. They also tried their best to keep you covered up at all times and any time they came in (and EACH time) to check your progression/dilation the nurse would say "I need to check you, is it ok for your support people to be in here or would you like them to step out of the room?". EVERY TIME! (like after saying yes the 1st time you would change your mind all of a sudden to no, I don't want them to see this time around lol).

However, it seems like all hospitals are different. If you are concerned about people walking in or seeing you, I would discuss this when you go into the hospital and get checked into your delivery room. Just tell them your concerns about people entering the room, being covered up etc. I would think they would make sure to keep it to a minimum and respect your wishes.

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Fri, 03-06-2009 - 10:53am
I've hd difficult deliveries at teaching hospitals....meaning...tons of prying eyes! the only comfort was that I was in so much pain and shock that I could hardly get embarassed....it was all a blur....

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