Sleeping Position Question

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Sleeping Position Question
Tue, 02-10-2009 - 12:16pm

Hi All,

I read a Q&A about sleep positions, and it said that the baby is not really affected by your position, with some exceptions, because the baby is floating and has plenty of room. I was just wondering though...I am on partial to full bed rest, and I get very tired of laying on my sides and sometimes need to lie on my back. Whenever I lay on my back, my darling little girl goes into a full kicking mode. I mean it is as though she is throwing a tantrum, until I turn on my side again. Do you think it means she is cramped up? I know there has to be a reason since it is always when I lie on my back...I mean she kicks up a storm other times, but it never fails when on my back.

Oh, one more question. Has anyone felt like their little one is trying to stomp their way out. I mean she kicks like she is stomping her way out of the birth canal. It hurts a bit or is just very uncomfortable. I have noticed it occurs if I sit up too long.

Thanks for any of your input. Reading your answers have done wonders for me.

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Thu, 02-12-2009 - 4:39pm

WOW! I was just reading your post and realized that we are both due on the same day!! June 1st! I was like I think I am 24 weeks and three days just like she is! The only difference is I am having a boy, oh and I will be induced at week 39, probably right around Memorial Day! :)

Anyway, like you I enjoy sleeping on my back as well, I have found that if I tuck a pillow between my knees or just grip it with my upper body I can sort of lie on my back and side at the same time. I also lay in bed propped up with pillows to watch tv most nights. I too find that baby is very active during this time, but it is also the first time of the time when I am actually not moving around, chasing after my two other DD's and can focus on his movement. IF I turn to the side which I eventually do he continues to move until I fall asleep. Of course before I lay down I have normally just consumed dessert or something sweet so I think that makes him more active too :)

Once you get bigger you will find laying on your back very uncomfortable. I remember last pg I was about 32 weeks pg and they were doing a 3D ultrasound for about 15 minutes at my dr office and I began to feel sick to my stomach!

Hope this helps. Hang in there, and we are more than 1/2 way there whoo hooo Hugs Julie

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Tue, 02-10-2009 - 6:09pm

That's funny that she kicks you when you lie on your back. I find that my baby is the most active when I am on my left side. I heard that it is OK to sleep on your back as long as you are not flat on your back. The uterus is on top of the vena cava artery and the weight of the baby can cut off some of the blood flow, and this might make you feel light headed. I just had this happen last week at the dentist, as she had me reclined. I started to feel woozy, but she brought me up a bit and but a wedge under my right side. That did the trick!

An active baby is a good sign! She will probably slow down when she starts to run out of room.