treating a yeast infection in EP??

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treating a yeast infection in EP??
Mon, 03-09-2009 - 7:05am

I am going CRAZY with the worse yeast infection I have ever had in my entire life!!!

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Mon, 03-09-2009 - 11:03pm

Hi Kim,

I did post on your other thread but thought I would answer you directly on this one. I think that your OB is incorrect here - dare I say it. I had a terrible yeast infection with my son and then a mild case with this pregnancy. My Dr. and OB told me that the risks outweigh the benefits - I mean, you can't suffer for months with it - you will go mad. I would call and beg him to reconsider. See link:

Inserting yogurt or acidophilus should be safe, but I'm telling you it won't cure it.

OK, if your Dr. won't agree to giving you the cream, the only other thing that I know will help is to eliminate sugar from your diet as this is what the yeast lives off of. Also, refined foods with yeast. You can also try sitz baths in baking soda. This will help with the itching, but again not a cure.

Anyway, I feel your pain. I hope you feel better soon.


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Tue, 03-10-2009 - 2:01am
Kimberly, I confess that I had to laugh at your bottle brush comment!!! Lol! I don't think using the acidophilus should be a problem, but I think I might just insert the capsule and not bother with the water. And yeah, that is such a pain about the progesterone, I have to insert capsules when I am pregnant, but it has never caused a huge problem like that, just the annoying kind. And I would think that it should still help to get rid of the problem, although it might take a bit longer than using the medication. You really can't go 9 months like this, you WILL go mad! Thinking of you!


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Tue, 03-10-2009 - 3:51pm

Both my friend and I had yeast infections while pg. I don't know the degree of my friends but mine was