Questions about testing

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Questions about testing
Wed, 04-08-2009 - 7:21pm

Hello everyone.

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Thu, 04-09-2009 - 9:07pm

First of all I want to welcome you to the board and say congrats!!

For me personally I had the NTS screening with the blood tests first. I wanted to avoid any invasive tests if I could, no matter how small the risk was.

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Wed, 04-15-2009 - 1:44am
I think it really depends on what you feel you want/need to know about your baby. For myself, we had planned to just have the nuchal translucency u/s and then the 20 week u/s. The blood tests are way too unreliable to be worth it to me, and the only real reason I was going to to the nuchal u/s was simply to for me to see the baby again and to give the doctor just a little more reassurance. Kind of a compromise. Unfortunately we never made it that far, but if we do end up with another baby that will still be my choice. If for some reason the u/s had shown something that the doctor felt strongly about, then we would have considered having an amnio but not until later in the pregnancy when any possible risk of m/c would not have mattered. Not everyone is comfortable with that though, as it is really a personal choice. The best thing you can do is to inform yourself more about the tests and then decide if they are something that you want to pursue. Just don't let the doctor or even family members push you into doing or not doing any of them, it needs to be your choice.


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Wed, 04-15-2009 - 12:17pm

I had the NT test and the first trimester bloodwork screening. My bloodwork came back 1:20 chance of ds-which needless to say, scared the crap out of me! (BTW everything turned out normal in the end)

At the time I got my results I was 12 weeks. I had the choice to have CVS or Amnio (or nothing). After speaking with the genetic counselor, I chose to have amnio-which I had to wait 3 1/2 LONG weeks for. CVS I could have had sooner, but the risk wasn't worth it to me.

The reason I chose Amnio over CVS was because of the miscarriage rates. There are "standard" miscarriage rates for both tests, however the standard varies by where you get the tests done. For example the clinic where I had my amnio done had a 1:1000 average. However, according to my genetic counselor, no clinic can get a better than 1:300 ( i do not know the accuracy of that statement) for CVS.

During my wait I did ALOT of research, joined alot of chat rooms/forums and discovered there are a TON of false positives from the First trimester bloodwork.

If I had to do it all over again, I would opt for the NT u/s and the 20 week u/s followed by amnio if any problems were indicated. Personally I think the bloodwork is unreliable and apt to cause alot of unnecessary stress.

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Tue, 07-14-2009 - 2:08pm
I'm new to this site and realize I'm responding to an old message. but thought newcomers may read and appreciate my 2 cents. I was also due November '09 however miscarried. I was offered the early nuchal testing, AFP, etc. I opted out of any prenatal testing due to false positives on testing done with my first child. She turned out to be a normal baby girl even though my tests indicated high risk for DS. I was devastated by these results but my husband and I do not believe in abortion or invasive testing. So we spent the remainder of my pregnancy in agony until we saw our healthy baby.
This time, I did not do these tests because I still felt that I would not abort regardless of what happened. This is from my own religious beliefs and what I feel in my heart is the right thing to do. My child did not make it. Neither he nor his family was made to suffer a difficult life. He came and left this world completely pain free. No testing could have changed this.