hello everyone!! pics and update........

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hello everyone!! pics and update........
Fri, 05-15-2009 - 10:29am

i havent been on in a little while,sorry but ive had my hands full with the now (2) children! soo glad my middle schoolers year is allmost done eeek!

heres a pic of baby LAYLA who was born on feb 29th,with my age at 42!

she is such a blessing to all of us even my marriage has greatly improved by her arrival,she has brought us closer together.and i am soo gald i decided to have "just one more"..little angel

she is smiling all the time now at a little over 2 mos old,she sometimes sleeps all through the night and sometimes gets up only once.we read "secrets of the baby wisperer"and got some good tips.she sleeps in her own bed each night.i am home with her every day and will be till pre k 4.yes were broke for it but ow well!

she is on a sceduale of napping every day from 1;30 to 4,so it gives her (and) i a routine and time that i can have as mine.older dd seems to have adjusted just fine im trying to make time for just her and i as i can.

i did have my tubes tied along with the c-section delivery but..... IM STILL BLEEDING! i

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Sat, 05-16-2009 - 4:02am

Congrats! Sounds like you and baby are doing really well! Good for you on staying home for awhile, it can be a tough choice but well worth it.

It is unusual to bleed that long, but I do know of other ladies who did that too and all was fine. I would still call the doctor though, just to be sure. Hope it all settles down for you soon.


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