NT scan yesterday...

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NT scan yesterday...
Fri, 07-17-2009 - 10:08am

Our NT scan was yesterday. Nuchal fold was great- just .9! However I could not clearly see a nasal bone. Baby was sort of looking at us most of the time. Tech said she "thought she saw the beginning of a nasal bone". Well what does that mean?

I will be 41 this month. The specialist came in after the scan and said everything looks great so far. We opted for the sequential blood work (blood test yesterday and again at 15 weeks). Results will not be in until 16 weeks, unless initial blood test flags me for closer follow up.

I felt good yesterday but today in looking at the photos she gave me (such poor quality!)- I am so worried that there is no nasal bone. Two shots are not clear side views and even the clear side view shot looks iffy to me. I was sent to a 'specialist' so I would have expected them to spend a lot of time measuring the nasal bone but they did not even attempt to take any measurements.

Now i am debating whether we should go for the CVS although I was hoping to avoid it if all looked well yesterday. I wish I had been more adamant about getting a firm answer...

Any advise would be greatly appreciated!
Thanks, ~H

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Fri, 07-17-2009 - 10:50am
Congratulations on your pregnancy.

A baby is a gift from God

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Fri, 07-17-2009 - 1:42pm


I don't remember too much about the NT scan but


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Fri, 07-17-2009 - 7:14pm

I was told that the presence of a nasal bone is no longer considered to be a factor in determining genetic issues.

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Fri, 07-17-2009 - 7:42pm

Thanks for all the feedback ladies! I talked to my OB today and she also said that they do not normally look for or measure the nasal bone this early. I was 11w2d at my scan and we did it the earliest possible time to ensure that if our blood results are really bad that we can still do the CVS (they will do that up until 13 weeks). Although from all I have read I think I would prefer to wait for the Amnio if I need anything at all.

I do take comfort knowing that my measurement lowers my odds based on my age, and I will hope that my blood-work will do the same!

I will update once I hear back about the blood- hopefully I won't hear anything at all next week which will be a good sign!
I am anxiously awaiting my 18 week anatomy scan now....

GL to all and thank you to all who replied! I appreciate the feedback and I do realize that each child is a blessing. We lost an 8-year old daughter 18 months ago so we have been through it all, and we truly understand the fragility of life.