How many cycles?

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How many cycles?
Sun, 12-06-2009 - 3:46pm

Hi Everyone,

I am curious as to how many cycles it took for you all to get pregnant? My hubby and I are on the 6th cycle and still no luck. We know we CAN conceive, as I conceived on the first try a couple years ago (lost to MC) and we conceived our daughter in 5 cycles so we know it's possible. We are just curious about other people's experience. We are getting frustrated but will keep trying! He is 36 and I am 41. :)

Thanks in advance and congrats to you on your pregnancy!!


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Tue, 12-08-2009 - 2:33am

I'm not sure how many cycles it took for us because when we first started trying back in late Jan/early Feb of this year, I had just had the Mirena IUD removed. We tried until May to get pregnant at which time my doc convinced us it was wise for us to not try for another baby due to my being a Type 1 diabetic and being over 40. In early August, I called his office to schedule having the Mirena put back in. During the three weeks between that phone call and when I was scheduled to get it inserted, I wound up pregnant. I think for a lot of the women who are active here, the babies they're now carrying or recently had were surprises. Best wishes to you as you try to conceive. You may want to also check out the Trying To Conceive Over 40 Board here on iVillage if you haven't already. Good luck and have fun trying for a baby. ; )

Here's the link to the TTC Over 40 Board:



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Sun, 12-06-2009 - 4:45pm

Technically we conceived on the 2nd cycle. The first I was so so sick with strep that my ovulation was weird and only has a Positive OPK for like an hour...I knew it was all off.

The next month, the opk was positive for 2.5 days so i knew their was a good chance we caught it.

good luck to u!


due in July with #4