Scary day. Am still scared

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Scary day. Am still scared
Sat, 01-16-2010 - 2:30am

So, this morning I wake up and I go potty and I have brown jelly discharge (sorry, tmi) I freak. I had to get my kids up for scholl and I am paralized. I get my son up and get him ready for school...luckily we have a carpool and it isnt my day.

I went to again...more. I lie down and rest.

Googeled it a million times "brown jelly like discharge at 12 weeks)

Call my dr.

He calls back, I need to go to the hospital to get checked. My husband comes home and

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Sat, 01-16-2010 - 10:17am
Hi Mar. I know how scared you must be. I'll type a disclaimer by saying I'm no medical expert, but my understanding is that bright red blood is usually the sign of a miscarriage so here's hoping that you and baby are just fine. When I was miscarrying my first baby, I went to the ER and all they did was take blood (to check HCG level). I don't think they even tested urine but this was several years ago so I may have just forgotten about it. FWIW, my discharge was bright red and was like a heavy period with cramps and all. Unfortunately, there really isn't much they can do; they have to just let nature take it's course, whatever that may be. I'm sending you lots of sticky baby vibes. Please keep us posted. You'll be in my thoughts.



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Sat, 01-16-2010 - 1:58pm

Hi Mar,

Brown discharge may just be old blood. I've had it before myself and the baby was just fine.

I'll say a prayer for you and your little one.

God bless,


P.S. Thank you for your kind response to my situation

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Sat, 01-16-2010 - 6:17pm

Thanks! So far no brown blood today. Slight cramps but that may either be my cyst or the tummy issue.

A friend came over and surprised me and said she was taking the kids all day to the park....huge!!! (my husband works on Saturdays)

So, i am ok...and resting. But you are will be what it will be. Not much I can do. Trying to relax and not wipe myself 20 times an hour!!

Thanks for the support, Marissa

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Sat, 01-16-2010 - 10:38pm


I had exactly that type of discharge once in my first pg around 10 weeks and went on to have a healthy 8lb 3 oz was just old blood, my dr said. So hang in there. As others have said, it is bright red bleeding that is a real danger sign.

Hoping all is well for you, let us know!


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Sun, 01-17-2010 - 4:45pm

So far so good. No more brown and less cramping but I'm still resting, which is why my house looks like a cyclone hit it.

Less cramps. Maybe things are ok.

13 weeks today.

I have a regular monthly ob appointment on Wednesday...I was going to see if they could see me on Monday.

Thanks! Marissa