Not looking good

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Not looking good
Wed, 01-27-2010 - 7:17pm

So, today I am sad. I spoke with my dr. about our results from the screen and bottom line is (although after TONS of information on the net, including a wonderful dr. who answers really intricate questions, i knew what the deal was and how severe) ...its just not good.

If the baby is OK chromosonally (and we have a high chance of it not being OK, T-18) because of my low Papp-a (.3 mom) and my low HCG (.3 mom) ...the baby and I are in for a bumpy ride. very Low and low papa-a can cause all sorts of issues, or as the dr. put it (concerns) , fetal demise before 24 weeks, low birth weight, still born...the list goes on.

So, i've been weepy all day but trying to keep it all OK for the kids. its SO hard. We had my sons tutor here and now we have karate. And have to pick my daughter up at preschool.

It just seems like there are no good results at this point.

have amnio on Monday.


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Wed, 01-27-2010 - 8:21pm

I had very low Papp A with my son and all was well. I did tons of research while I waited, and the one common factor I saw, was that in cases where papp-a was low and beta hcg was low, IF the baby was a boy, it was usually fine.

Seriously, almost all the high rates of testing for trisomy 18, that ended up fine were with boys. I think the hormone levels, are just lower in the boy pregnancies.

Will you be getting the FISH results. Hopefully you'll get good news soon.

Don't get too worried, about the other problems. I rememeber reading the same things, and while there is some correlation, again, the lower hormone levels, often seem to be gender related. Usually it just means some extra monitoring towards the end, to make sure the placenta is growing well.

Good Luck. I pray all is well with your little one.

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Wed, 01-27-2010 - 8:54pm
Thanks for posting your update for us. You surely are upset, worried, and just downright sad. I wish there were something I could say to ease your pain. I'll continue to hope that everything is OK with the little one and will keep anxiously awaiting your posting of the FISH results from Monday's amnio. You'll be in my thoughts.



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Wed, 01-27-2010 - 9:06pm

OMG...Thank you for the support...Im not usually such a downer.

kathyandkids, this was something I did not find (look at me proud that i felt like I knew everything!) i never came across the boy thing. That really does give me a bit of hope...even with the dr being very unencouraging.

Look, I guess we will see. Really, it is in G-d hands. And I have to just relax, because there is nothing I can do.

thanks, Mar

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Fri, 01-29-2010 - 2:22pm

Hi I usually lurk on this board but your post touched me and I wanted to lend my support. I didn't have any of the testing done except the amnio because I couldn't take all the ups and downs of the results. My dr. told me since we were having the amnio to not bother with the other tests because they are often false positives with our age range no matter what. I hope all turns out well for your amnio on Monday. I also had a lot of bleeding in the beginning and my "threatened miscarriage" rate was through the roof, but I am now the proud mother of a healthy and happy 8 month old baby girl!!!



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