NT Test + first thing Tuesday morning

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NT Test + first thing Tuesday morning
Sun, 04-18-2010 - 10:01pm

This is what I have been waiting for, but now that its here, I don't know what to expect.

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Sun, 04-18-2010 - 10:17pm

Hi Charlotte.

Our u/s tech was very nice and informative as she was doing the NT u/s. As she was viewing baby and trying to get a good nuchal fold measurement (they flip around so much at this point!!!) she kept saying out loud how good everything looked. She gave me my NT measurement right and then there...I didn't get any other measurements that day if she took them.

Then I was off to lab for a blood draw. The lab results took about a week. Mine came back flagged for Down Syndrome...1:17 risk. I was immediately referred to our perinatologist.

I asked him (peri) what it was exactly about my blood work that alerted them to a possible problem and apparently my PAPP-A hormone was low and my hCG was high...no kidding I was still puking my guts out at that stage of pregnancy!

My PAPP-A was .38 and the cut-off for "low-normal" was .40. Needless to say, I felt better with my .38 after learning that. My peri also shared with me that PAPP-A was not just indicative of Down Syndrome, but also of non-chromosomal issues such as intrauterine growth restriction (IUGR), pregnancy-induced hypertension, low birth weight and pre-term labor. Also, congenital heart defects.

The peri appt. was scheduled for 14w6d too get me in ASAP. They did a search for soft-tissue markers, but really couldn't find much at that point...nuchal fold measurement was still great (was good at 12w3d too). It was just too early to see any soft-tissue markers, but all 4 extremities were visible including hands and feet, brain and spine looked great, heart was developing correctly, etc.

They scheduled me for a follow-up visit at 21-weeks. Again, baby was completely measuring normal (another hallmark of PAPP-A babies is that they are always behind on growth at every stage of development) on long bones, had a nasal bone, no bowel/stomach issues, etc.

B/c we are not pursuing amnio at this time, we were released from the peri. I am still being monitored for growth and will have monthly growth scans (u/s) performed by my OBs office.

I really don't know what to tell to ask about specifically, except that if your blood work does come back flagged, ask for specific numbers and what they mean. Like I said, my PAPP-A is low, but when I googled it, many women have MUCH lower hormone level. You might also be thinking about whether you will consider having CVS or amnio done if your results do come back quirky. It is a very personal decision and you need to weigh both the risks and the benefits.

Wishing you the best with your appt.


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Mon, 04-19-2010 - 10:26am

I have to say, my NT scan was an awesome experience. I never expected to see such a developed LO in there, waving around his little fingers so we could count all 10. It became so much more real at that point that I'm going to be a Mom. He was quite active, looked like a real little baby in there, so I was kind of shocked when the tech told me he was just 3 inches long at that point. The image was projected on a larger monitor so I got to see everything along with the tech, and the fetus appears larger than it actually is. I had mine done a bit late, at 13 wks 4 days, and I told the tech I was eager to learn the gender. I didn't start out with a strong preference, but as soon as I saw the little bug, I had a strong feeling it was a boy, and while the tech was hesitant to make a prediction at that point, he told me he would lean slightly towards boy also. That wasn't confirmed until my next scan at 18 weeks 4 days, when it seemed quite clear it was a boy, and now I'd be shocked if the baby turned out not to be. The tech didn't tell me the precise Nuchal fold measurement, but confirmed that it looked good.

The only frustrating thing was that it took the OB office a full month to get me the exact results (including blood work). I had the screen done on February 11, and after hearing nothing for a couple of weeks, I called the hospital and was told by a receptionist to give it more time. I was told by others that no news is good news, that they prioritize results by those that indicate a higher risk, but when I went back for an appointment March 1 and my results still weren't available, I started getting impatient. The doc promised to look into it and finally called a week later telling me everything had come back in the "normal" range. The results had been in for a while but because they were updating their computer system, mine fell through the cracks. Turns out the results were in the "normal" range regardless of age, so the risk for DS had gone from about 1 in 50 based on my age to 1 in 447 based on my Ultrascreen, and to 1 in 1700 for another trisomy.

This is my first time going through all this, so I really didn't know what to expect and didn't prepare many questions beforehand. My US done in week 6 detected a HB and showed a black sac with a few white specs in it that indicated a little bean, but I never expected to be able to see so much development by 13 weeks. Hope you have a great experience with yours too. We'll be eager to hear how it went.