Still not feeling much obvious movement

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Still not feeling much obvious movement
Thu, 04-22-2010 - 8:48am

I'm really not feeling a bunch of obvious movement yet and it's starting to concern me, especially when I hear how much others are feeling by now. My LO was very active during my NT scan in wk 13 but not as much so during my 18 wk+ U/S (he spent most of it lying on his belly napping, but did finally turn over at the end). The heartbeat was good and strong at my last appointment April 5, and there has been no indication there's a chromosomal or developmental problem so far. Should I be worried about this? I've heard that if you have an anterior placenta you might not feel much early movement, but I'm not sure if I have one or not.


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Thu, 04-22-2010 - 9:03am
Everyone is different. I read one post yesterday where the mom was feeling extreme movement at week 21. I'm pretty sure it wasn't until I was approaching the late 20 weeks that I started to feel "extreme" movement. When I had my 20 week u/sound, the tech said she saw him moving all around. I could feel flutters, but nothing that felt like he was "moving all around" as she indicated he was. If you're really, really concerned, call your doc. I've also heard and read that some doc recommend their patients track movement by asking the mom to confirm she feels 10 movements per hour -- HOWEVER, I'm not sure how far along you must be before this is supposed to happen... I'm sure everything's fine but when in doubt, call your doc. If you can't get him or an answer from his office and you're still concerned, make a trip to L & D. At our hospital, they're awesome in L & D. They take NO chances. They'd schedule me for an u/sound right away and probably hook me up to do a NST while I waited for the u/sound. I'm sure every hospitals different but I can't imagine they wouldn't give you and your boy a thorough check up. Let us know what happens. I'll keep you in my thoughts...


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Thu, 04-22-2010 - 10:48am


I was just going to ask you about the placental position.

During my NT scan, the peri did mention that my placenta was anterior (a concern for me b/c it can sometimes grow into the uterine scar tissue if you've had a previous OB told me not to be concerned yet). And I do think that the anterior position does make it a bit more difficult to feel movement.

Since you have felt movement, I wouldn't be overly concerned at this point. I felt like Baby Boy really kicked up the activity level this week, and I'm about 1-week ahead of you. I think that his little legs/arms/etc. are just now strong enough to kick hard enough to feel movement. AND, I've only been able to feel movement on the OUTSIDE once...earlier this week.

Have you begun to notice any pattern in movement? For example, my little guy is very active at night when I'm trying to drift off to sleep and also very active in the AM when I'm first waking. I think all the activity during the day (running around for errands, bending/squatting/etc. while cleaning) lulls him to sleep.

My OB never has me start the kick counts until around week 28, so you've got a few weeks to go. I did see in one book that they mentioned starting kick counts around week 24. I've also seen a discrepancy in the amount of time you should feel 10 book said in an hour the other said 30 minutes. I think I've always done 1-hour.

Also, have your tried drinking a glass of OJ or eating a sugary snack (the one time they give you the green light! LOL) to get him moving? You're supposed to eat/drink something sugary and wait about 30 minutes to feel movement. Sometimes, lying on your left side helps too.

Sorry to ramble, but can you tell I've had issues with this before? LOL

Since I have something to compare it to, I will tell you that Mary was sort of my "lazy" baby...she just never moved that much which was disappointing with her being my first. Benjamin was a whole different ball of wax. He was an early mover and shaker and kicked me constantly...especially during read aloud when I would read to my 3rd graders...he must of liked the sound of my voice of the chldren's laughter. This 3rd baby is falling somewhere in between the two...not nearly as active as Ben, but more so than Mary.

That's the other thing...this is your first (right?) so everything's new to you and you don't quite know what to expect except for what you read.

Give him a little more time to get bigger and stronger...I'm sure you'll be posting soon that you can't get any rest!


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Thu, 04-22-2010 - 12:42pm

Karen, I'm pregnant with our first and due the same day.

I will tell you that it was only last week that I started feeling flutters and movement.

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