CD# 1

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CD# 1
Sun, 09-13-2009 - 3:50pm

So today AF came to town. This is my first tracking of CDs since we decided to try for a baby.

I'll be 43 in a few weeks. Wouldn't it be wonderful to have a BFP next month as my birthday present?! :)

My first child was a surprise. I've never planned a pregnancy, so this is all new territory. I'm feeling very excited and hopeful. My periods have always been very regular, so I'm hoping that this fact makes it easy for us to conceive.

Wish us luck!



Just turned 43 on 10/2/09. Would love a BFP for my birthday in October!

TTC naturally, taking PNV, eating healthy, exercising and charting
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Sun, 09-13-2009 - 6:47pm

Hello Melissa and welcome!