Back again!

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Back again!
Sat, 10-03-2009 - 5:43am

I was first introduced to this board last November. I had just delivered my daughter at 29 weeks and lost her four day later (she had Trisomy 18). Two months later I discovered I was pregnant, but we lost her at seven weeks. I find myself back here and one month pregnant and facing another new husband does not want this baby. I do not know if he is afraid of losing this baby or if he really does not want this baby.

I am very excited and scared, but angry because now I feel that I am faced with the choice of choosing this baby or him; and I will not abort this pregnancy. It scares me to think that at 43 I am going to do this on my own but I am strong and I will be ok.

I could use your prayers and much needed positive thoughts. Happy to be back and congratulations to my fellow 40+ sisters expecting.


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Sat, 10-03-2009 - 5:42pm
Hello, Courtney, and welcome back.