Pregnant Again?????

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Pregnant Again?????
Fri, 11-13-2009 - 7:18am
Hi Ladies. Here is my story. I had a natural M/C on Sept 30. I was about 10 weeks pregnant. My OB followed my HCG down to 0 over the next few weeks. Over this last week, I had a feeling I was getting AF and brown spotting. No AF. I was confused and just to rule it out took a HPT - it is positive!!!!! Is this possible. I am 47 1/2. Any thoughts. It was with a FRER - pink line in about two minutes. I just don't know how I am going to go through this again. Thanks for listening.
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Fri, 11-13-2009 - 11:31am


Wow, ((((HUGS))) first take a deep breathe, secondly call your doctor ASAP . I am 46 and the one thing they keep checking is my progesterone levels, I am pretty sure they will want to monitor you closely. Is it possible I think the positive test proves this as I think its unlikely to get a false positive more likely its a false negative that can happen.

Congrats and Welcome Back!!!!!!

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Sat, 11-14-2009 - 12:27pm

Congratulations!!! I am 47 and have a 8 month old conceived 3 months after a miscarriage. Yes it can happen,

God Bless,

I am 25 weeks and started t
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Sat, 11-14-2009 - 9:21pm
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I agree with the other replies that you should speak with your ob/gyn about the potential benefits of progesterone.