Merry Christmas and Baby Update

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Merry Christmas and Baby Update
Sat, 12-26-2009 - 1:55pm

Hello Everyone.

Hoping that all of you that celebrate Christmas had a wonderful Eve and Day with your loved ones.

Just wanted to pop in and provide an update.

On Monday, Dec. 14th I had some light spotting (really more like staining) that continued through the day and evening. Decided on Tuesday, Dec. 15th that I should go ahead and call my OB to see if they wanted to see me. At that point, I was pretty early in the pregnancy and not really sure of a due date...I've been having long cycles.

The OB on call did want to see me and worked me in on Dec. 15. I steeled myself for the very worst...expecting to see a big blighted ovum or the beginnings of a miscarriage.

Instead, saw the most beautiful yolk sac, fetal pole and heart beat. Pregnancy was dated at 6w1d and so I was overjoyed that they could even pick up the heartbeat on t/v u/s!!!

Kept my originally planned 1st OB appt. for that Friday, Dec. 18th. Discussed my lab results...the on call did progesterone check...we decided together to skip checking hcg level...especially since intrauterine pregnancy was confirmed with cardiac activity. (I have a long and horrible history with miscarriage/pregnancy loss and the hcg numbers drive me INSANE!!!).

Progesterone check came back fantastic at 32.9. At this point no reason could be given for the spotting (no recent intercourse, too late for implantation, etc.), so I've just been taking it easy and going with the flow.

Had 2nd episode of spotting on Friday, Dec. 18th...of course at 5 PM at night as we are loading the kids in the car and leaving for ST. Louis to celebrate Christmas early. Decided not to panic over it and let it play out.

Haven't had spotting in over a week, but interestingly enough, my doctor's office called. My urinalysis from the doctor's appt. on the 18th came back flagged...raging Strep B UTI infection. They have since started me on an antibiotic.

I've had Strep B in the past...confirmed + when they swab you a couple of weeks before delivery, but never as a UTI. Wondering if that is what was the cause of my horrific backache which I thought was an impending miscarriage.

I'm assuming that I infected myself during those spotting episodes (TMI here...LOL) as I became obsessed with wiping!!! only (almost) 8-weeks pregnant, I've got a long 32 weeks ahead of me! LOL

Follow-up u/s on Jan 5th to monitor growth and heart beat, but at this time I'm feeling very positive about the pregnancy. Much different scenario than a year ago at this time!

Blessings to you all,

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Sat, 12-26-2009 - 4:27pm
Congratulations Valerie!

Carol, mom to 7

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Sat, 12-26-2009 - 9:12pm
Thanks for the update, Valerie! I'm glad you heard the heartbeat. How exciting -- especially so early on in your pregnancy. From everything I've read and heard, spotting during early pregnancy is fairly common as is cramping (like menstrual cramps); but when the two occur simultaneously, that's when it becomes more cause for concern. So hopefully that little bean of yours will stay stuck in there for 32 more weeks or so. : ) I'm sure the UTI could be the cause for your back pain -- but so could the pregnancy. I didn't have any back pain/cramps with either of my girls but I experienced it with this pregnancy the first several weeks. Good thing you got your antibiotic, before the holdiays. I'll be sending lots of positive thoughts for you to feel better soon. Best wishes and please keep us posted on how you're feeling.